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Kirsten Dunst’s Bangs Time-Traveled Back to 2012 — See the Photos

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Kirsten Dunst just sent me right back to the Tumblr era thanks to her wispy side bangs. After seeing these pics, I have a strong urge to dress in tights and thigh-high socks with a slouchy beanie over my hair, just like I did back in the early 2010s.

Dunst attended the Palm Springs International Film Festival wearing her blonde hair in a half-up style, with the top portion fastened with a black bow. The bottom layers were styled in soft, undone curls, ending just between her shoulder blades. Dunst frequently has a side bang, but this version is a bit wispier than normal, reminiscent of the bangs she wore over a decade ago. A small chunk of hair has been swept to one side along with her part, hitting about mid-forehead. Unlike the heavy side bangs we wore in the 2010s, these are more delicate and feathery, barely dancing across her forehead and toward one ear.

Here are the 2024 bangs in all their glory:

Getty Images

And here they are back in the day, 2012 to be exact. (Isn’t that braid so very twee?)

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