Kim Kardashian Is Back in Her Blonde Era Like Never Before — See Photos

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On July 27, we put on our investigative beauty journalism hats to determine whether Kim Kardashian had actually cut her hair into a chin-grazing bob. She had posted photos of herself with the new haircut (which made her look like Kourtney’s twin rather than younger sister) on Instagram Stories, but we weren’t fully convinced it wasn’t a wig. It ended up being a short unit, evidenced by the subsequent photos she posted, but it looks like the reality TV star is trying to trick us with another hair change. However, this time around she’s ditching her brunette roots for a golden-blonde hue

Kardashian shared her new hair color to Instagram Stories while showcasing some Skims pieces on August 3. The first piece she tried on was a nude bikini that looked to be nearly the same color as her hair. This blonde shade appeared to be a darker, more golden hue than the white blonde color she had in 2022, but the color may be distorted due to the yellow lighting in her photo. 

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