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Katie Holmes’s Messy Bun Is My Laptop-Closed Look for the Rest of the Year — See Photos

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How do you thank someone who has unknowingly spent a good chunk of the year assuring you that it’s totally OK — adorable, even — to not fuss over your hair or fight its natural texture? Specifically, I’m talking about Katie Holmes, to whom I’d love to send a gift card to her favorite coffee spot in gratitude for giving me some of my favorite casual-coiffure inspiration over the last few months: the I-woke-up-like-this waves (on multiple occasions), the perfectly imperfect bangs (which looked just as cool under a beanie), and of course, the messy bun. And now, she’s brought back that tousled top knot just in time to remind me that my hair and I can chill until the new year.

Holmes was spotted walking in New York City — as is so often the case when she’s being an inadvertent hair influencer — and she couldn’t look happier or cozier. Strolling along in the NoHo neighborhood, she appeared to be laughing with a friend while wearing black Adidas sneakers and gray sweats under an oversized camel coat. It’s literally exactly how I’d like to be dressed from the time I finish writing this until January 2. And that goes double for her hair.

The actor and director piled her long, brunette hair all the way on top of her head, loosely twisted into place with an elastic and no effs given about whether or not the base was smooth and even (it wasn’t) or the bun was centered (also no). And why should it matter? Not only is it laptop-closed time, but her hair still looks super-cute despite a little chaos.

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