Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Dainty New Tattoo Is an Adorable Tribute to ‘9-1-1’ — See Photos

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is a big fan of tiny linework tattoos that make a big impact. Some a tributes to nature (like butterflies or leaves), others are spiritual symbols (like an evil eye for protection), and others are words or phrases (like the one that says “the universe always provides” that she got last fall). But as far as we know, she’s never gotten a tattoo in honor of any of her movies or TV shows — until now.

“Okay, so I teased earlier that I was doing something special today, and it’s time,” Hewitt said in a selfie video posted to her Instagram Stories on Monday, April 16. “Even though I’ve done a lot of TV shows, with season eight being the next season of 9-1-1 — after you finish watching season seven, of course — it’ll be the longest-running show that I’ve ever been on in 35 years. So I am celebrating by getting a little 9-1-1 tattoo with my favorite tattoo artist Victoria.” She’s referring to Victoria Do, who’s known for her intricately detailed and delicate designs.

Hewitt didn’t head to the tattoo studio alone, though. “I asked the members of the cast, like, ‘Hey guys, do you want to get dispatcher tattoos with me? Do you want to get a little 9-1-1 tattoo?’ And everybody turned me down except one person. And you might be surprised who it is,” she said revealing in another slide that her new “tattoo bestie” is Debra Christofferson, who plays her character Maddie’s supervisor, Sue.

Both Christofferson and Hewitt got the same design: a simple rotary phone with “9-1-1” written on the base. The only difference: Christofferson got her tattoo — her very first — behind her shoulder, and Hewitt got hers on her wrist.

Jennifer Love Hewitt/Instagram

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