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Jennifer Lopez’s Secret to Perfect Red Lipstick? Nude Lip Liner — See Video

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Jennifer Lopez knows a lot of things the rest of us don’t know. Obviously. Her secrets to seemingly boundless energy, relentless financial success, and the ability to look perpetually 30 have yet to be revealed — at least in any useful or realistic detail — but every now and then, she drops accessible little tips that, while not necessarily life-altering, can change the way we do things in fun, positive ways. And lately, she’s been especially generous with makeup-technique secrets.

You may recall last month when Lopez shared her makeup-artist-taught secret to softly dimensional eye shadow as part of a pumpkin spice latte look. Well, it seems she’s understandably eager to move on to a more Christmassy look now that we’re well into December. And in a new Instagram Reel, the multi-hyphenate is kind enough to share how she achieves her ideal holiday red lip.

“So one of the great things about the holidays is getting to wear a red lip,” says Lopez, who usually opts for shades of beige when it comes to lip looks. “And the way that I like to do it is to use a neutral pencil, so I always start with a neutral pencil,” she continues as she ever so slightly overlines with what I’m almost positive is Make Up For Ever’s Endless Cacao or Anywhere Caffeine shade of the Artist Color Pencil. (Though we also adore Allure Best of Beauty Award-winning LYS Beauty Speak Love Smooth Glide Lip Liner Pencil in the shade Lavish.) “Some people think you should do a red lip liner. I don’t love a red lip liner. I like it to be neutral. It makes the lips look fuller and plumper.”

That’s not the only tip she reveals as she creates the look. “Then you pick your favorite red, and I put it in the middle, kind of as close as I can get,” she says as she applies the color to the middle of her lips directly from the bullet. “And then I take a lip brush and I detail the corners.”

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