Saturday, April 20, 2024

Jennifer Lopez Chopped Off Her Hair and Joined the Flippy Bob Club — See Photos

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Don’t let anyone tell you that flipped-out bobs and lobs aren’t the haircut of 2024. Christina Aguilera rang in the new year with her shoulder-length one, and then Emma Stone turned up (literally) to multiple events with (including the Golden Globes) with one of her own. And now it’s clear that the celebrity flippy bob is getting progressively shorter as an unexpected new participant has entered the chat: Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez joined several other fashion-loving stars at the Schiaparelli haute couture show in Paris on Monday morning, but few made an impression quite so striking. She earned her master’s in understanding the assignment by wearing the ruffliest, white, oversized jacket over a white, ribbed turtleneck. In addition to a black bag with golden facial features, she also wore her own golden facial features in the form of eye-shaped sunglasses with built-in eyebrows.

But who would even notice her quirky accessories in the presence of her most drastic haircut in forever. How short are we talking? Let’s just say that the bob stops where her turtleneck starts, and it’s made to look even shorter thanks to the trendy, flipped-out ends. The middle-parted look culminates in distinct face-framing tendrils, while the rest of the hair is tucked behind her ears.

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