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Jaden Smith Says Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Introduced Him to Psychedelics

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Jaden Smith Says Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Introduced Him to Psychedelics

Jada Pinkett Smith took her son Jaden Smith on the trip of a lifetime—but not in the way you expect.

The “Syre” singer recently shared it was his mom who paved the way for psychedelic drug usage in his family, which also includes dad Will Smith and sister Willow Smith.

“I think it was my mom, actually, that was really the first one to make that step for the family,” Jaden said at the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver June 23, per USA Today. “It was just her for a really, really long time and then eventually it just trickled and evolved and everybody found it in their own ways.”

In fact, Jaden believes psychedelics have helped him build a stronger bond with Willow, 22, and half-brother Trey Smith, 30, Will’s son from his past marriage to Sheree Zampino.

“Siblings can argue so much and fight so much, and lord knows me and my siblings have done so much of that in the past,” Jaden explained. “But the level of love and empathy that I can feel for them inside of the [psychedelic] experiences and outside of the experiences has been something that’s profound and beautiful.”

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Jada previously shared that she began using psychedelics, particularly plant medicine, 10 years ago as a way to better her mental health. On a November 2021 episode of her Red Table Talk series, the Girls Trip star recalled how the psychedelics “knocked” out her “crippling depression.”

“I struggled with depression for so long, I mean crippling depression,” she said. “And the thing about the plant medicine is it helps you feel better but also solves the problems of how you got there in the first place.”

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