I’m Stealing Adam Lambert’s Sparkly Studded Eye Makeup for My Renaissance Tour Look — See Photos

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On a random Wednesday night in 2009, my mom and I waited nervously to hear who would be the next American Idol, hoping that our fave Adam Lambert, with his spikey pitch-black hair and insane vocal ability, would take the title. He didn’t, but now 14 years later, he is just as talented and even more fabulous with spiked hair that is now silver and a nice dose of facial hair. Though I can’t sing like Lambert, I am taking some notes from his recent eye makeup look — a smoky, glittery look full of gems —  for my Renaissance tour look. 

He wore the dark bedazzled makeup for a performance in London on June 5. He was decked out in a sequined, black two-piece suit that had a deep V-neckline, paired with leather gloves. His smoky eye makeup matched the extravagance of his outfit. Shimmery blue eye shadows glistened on his lids with a darker blue hue focused on the outer corner of his eyes. 

Lambert, who previously shared with Allure that he does his own makeup, drew an abstract graphic liner that started in the inner corner of his eyes, extended to his brow bones, and ended with a tapered tip at his temples. He also added another thick black line that extended from his lower lash line to connect with the liner at his temple. 

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