I’ll Be Copying Martha Stewart’s Upscale Bedhead Bob for My Next Dinner Party — See the Photos

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If there’s anyone who can convince me to wear a tousled bob and fancy pajamas to lunch, it’s the icon, the legend, the absolute queen of hosting and homemaking: Martha Stewart. Stewart did just that for a day in Las Vegas, proving that you can wear PJs out and about, as long as they’re Balenciaga silk and your hair is as glam as your ensemble.

Stewart’s blonde bob was in prime form for a stop at her Vegas restaurant, the Bedford, where she hosted the women of QVC, including Travis Kelce’s mom Donna. Her hair was styled casually, parted to one side with just the tiniest hint of movement and curl at the ends. A portion of hair was brushed across her forehead, then tucked behind her ear. The magic of Stewart’s bob is that it’s just ever so tousled and perfectly imperfect, not a pristine blowout with every hair shellacked in place with hairspray. It’s lived-in, which makes it look all the more luxurious, reminiscent of Meg Ryan’s beloved shaggy bedhead bob. Oh, and the floral Balenciaga PJs don’t hurt either! Stewart says she adores them, and I do too; would this not be the chicest ensemble for a dinner party with friends?

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