Ice Spice Abandoned Her Afro for Butt-Length Curls at Hot 97 Summer Jam — See Photos

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It’s hard to believe that it has been less than a year since Ice Spice dropped the track — “Munch (Feelin’ U)” — that catapulted her career into the stratosphere. Since then, she has attended New York Fashion Week shows, been invited to the Met Gala, and even performed alongside Taylor Swift. Her latest gig was on June 4, when the Bronx-raised rapper — real name, Isis Gaston — graced the Hot 97 Summer Jam stage with an extremely long mane of copper curls. 

She performed in a plaid mini skirt with a graphic crop top, chunky black boots, and of course her huge, blinged-out Bubbles necklace, which she almost always wears. These copper-hued inches were styled with a simple curved side part and a swoop of baby hair on one side. 

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Her hair looked sleek and flat at the roots, but as your eyes travel down the length of the curls, you’ll see the very loose ripples become tighter and thicker for a voluminous look. This look was the definition of inches honey — her loose curls fell all the way to her butt. While she’s often seen with an Afro in a similar shade, this isn’t her first time experimenting with long hair. Ice Spice also went long for the Met Gala, though that look was silky and pin-straight. 

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