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I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen Keke Palmer In a Bob Like This One — Watch the Video

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We’ve seen Keke Palmer in so many different hairstyles: siren red bombshell waves, Emmy-winning blonde, waist-length curls, ‘80s pop star hair, and everything in between. But have we ever seen her with a bob like this one? I’m not so sure!

In a new video made in partnership with eyewear company Zenni, Palmer shows off a few glasses from her collab with the brand. Because she’s switching between countless styles, she needs a hairstyle that can keep up, and a short, side-parted bob was the perfect choice. Her hair is parted deeply to one side and is curled under at the ends, hitting just below her chin. Throughout the video, Palmer pairs different glasses and sunglasses with the zodiac signs, like red heart-shaped glasses for the Libras and oversized square-shaped lenses for Virgos like herself. We know a good bob can go anywhere and do anything, and Palmer’s works with every single style she tries, which is no small feat!

Palmer’s hairstylist Keshaun Williamson, AKA Lace Assassin, told Allure that they were going for a “chic and polished” look. Williamson used Bold Hold Liquid Gold adhesive on the wig, then created body and volume in the hair with the Shark FlexStyle Blow Dryer.

Under the glasses, Palmer wore an equally versatile makeup look of peachy blush and highlighter, taupe eye shadow with fluffy lashes, and defined brows. As someone who (occasionally) wears glasses, I know how difficult it can be to find a makeup look that works under your specs, and Palmer, as always, nailed it.

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