Saturday, April 13, 2024

I Don’t Know If I Should Cower in Fear or Stare in Awe at Saweetie’s Latest Manicure — See the Photos

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Saweetie and her nails are the ultimate dream team. The rapper is always sporting the most incredible art on her fingertips; she likes her sets super-, super-long, sharp as daggers and covered in gemstones, decals, shiny chrome, $100 bills, and everything in between. Although she did briefly dabble in shorter lengths, XXL stilettos are her sweet spot, and her latest set has me mesmerized … and a little scared.

The “Richtivities” rapper showed off the new nails in an Instagram Story video while on the plane to Paris, giving followers an up-close look at the nails in all their shimmery, gemstone-bedecked glory. True to form, the nails are a sharp stiletto style, covered in a pearly, luminescent nude-pink polish with a shimmery, frosty finish. At the base of each nail, Saweetie is wearing literal carats worth of enormous gemstones; they basically take up all the real estate on her nail bed. The contrast between the pointy stiletto and soft polish is a little bit princessy and a little bit punk, and the cream-colored Chanel bag doesn’t hurt either. Paris isn’t ready for these nails!


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