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I Can’t Tell Whose Hair Is Whose in Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift’s Selfie — See the Photos

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Noted besties Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez do everything together: dinners out in New York City, celebrating the Fourth of July, dating Jonas brothers way back in the day, and now, matching hair colors. Well, sort of.

In honor of Swift’s 34th birthday, Gomez shared a sweet snapshot of herself and the musician posing in the mirror before a recent NYC night out. “Happy birthday to the goddess that is @taylorswift,” Gomez wrote. “I love you.” Extremely cute, for sure, but what I’m really focused on isn’t their coordinating earth-tone outfits or their manicures (more on that later). It’s the fact that their hair color looks nearly identical, and I can’t tell where Gomez’s hair begins and Swift’s ends.

Swift rarely deviates from her signature shade of dark blonde, while Gomez is more of a color chameleon. Remember her platinum blonde era? The Rare Beauty founder recently added golden blonde highlights to her dark hair, but she looks way blonder in this pic — so much so that her hair color looks almost exactly like Swift’s. And it’s not just their hair color that matches: Both Swift and Gomez are rocking loose blowout curls; Gomez wears her hair parted dramatically to one side and Swift styles hers with side-swept bangs.

Of course, some of the similarity is probably due to the lighting. In paparazzi photos, Gomez’s hair doesn’t look quite so blonde. But if she does decide to lighten up her color a few levels, a Swiftian shade looks great on her.

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