Saturday, April 13, 2024

I Can Only Dream of Looking as Good as Martha Stewart Does With Bedhead — See the Photos

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Martha Stewart built her career on doing everything better: setting a flawless table, growing the most stunning spinach of all time, throwing perfect parties, and as of late, taking thirst trap selfies. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Stewart even does bedhead better. The queen of homemaking just blessed us with a new selfie showing off said hairstyle — a good omen for 2024, if you ask me.

According to Stewart, she was fresh off an eight-hour flight to Palm Beach and long night of sleep when she snapped the pic, but you couldn’t tell the journey had been “horrible” judging from the photo. Her signature blonde bob is so perfectly tousled that it looks more like Stewart came straight from the salon instead of straight out of bed.

Stewart is seen posing in the mirror in a luxurious linen and lace nightgown and robe set, with her bob parted to one side so a portion of her hair brushes over her eye just so. There’s volume! There’s curl! There’s literally nothing “bedhead” about this at all, which makes it so, so good. This is the kind of hair I dream about having on the daily, and Stewart just wakes up that way. Her makeup-free skin is glowing, probably from a good night’s sleep in a bed that was precisely made with the crispest, most beautiful sheets of all time.

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