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How Sydney Sweeney Can Wear Both a Headband and Sunglasses Comfortably Is Beyond Me — See Photos

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Oil and water. Forks and electrical outlets. Garfield and Mondays. Certain things just don’t play well together. Perhaps it’s not as obvious as the other examples, but I’d also put sunglasses and structured headbands on that list of natural foes. Sure, they look adorable together, but the unavoidable discomfort just isn’t worth it — unless, of course, you have the apparently high pain tolerance of one Sydney Sweeney.

They say beauty is pain, and by “they,” I mean people who are not me. OK, so I’ll tolerate a few syringe pokes for a filler refresh, but I refuse to put up with hours of aches for a temporary look. Take Sweeney’s latest look: She was spotted in New York City on Monday, December, as she made the rounds promoting her new movie, Anyone But You. As usual, her outfit was chic as all get-out, with wide-leg jeans, a black vest, and a long, black coat. And to top it off, she went with two accessories: Miu Miu sunglasses and a headband.

It goes without saying that the combo is the perfect balance of cute and cool — but also probably torturous. If you’ve never attempted to wear both sunglasses and a structured headband at the same time, you might be wondering why I’m talking about this like Sweeney is walking on hot coals, but just think about it. The arms of the sunglasses are hitting in the same spot behind her ear where the headband is, creating a double layer of rigidity that’s giving me a headache just thinking about it.

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