Harm reduction is a proof-based, person-centered tactic that aims to lessen the collective harm related to addiction and substance use without necessarily requiring addicts to refrain or stop using them. It involves a series of programs, services, and trials. It offers addicts a choice of how to reduce harm through non-judgmental and non-coercive approaches to enhance skills and understanding to live harmless and restored lives.

Maggie Jenson is a behavior-change specialist from Las Vegas, Nevada, and the

founder and CEO of Magnify Progressive Wellness, a state-of-the-art digital

reintegration program operating worldwide. She also does nutrition coaching, personal

fitness programming, and mental recalibration.

Magnify Progressive Wellness is dedicated to being your one-stop shop for wellness that emphasizes psychological health. Maggie established the company in 2020, but she carried the idea with her for about ten years. She wanted to develop a program aimed at people who struggle with mental health and, consequently, would self-sabotage through addictive habits. Maggie also struggled with drinking from her teenage years.

Maggie, born to an alcoholic mom, is now a recovered addict. She is an adult child of an alcoholic (ACoA). Her mom led a destructive life due to alcoholism, but despite this, Maggie also got into drinking while seeking comfort after her brother’s death.

Maggie never bothered to quit as she firmly believed it was a permanent disease. She also thought that once you turned to alcohol, there was no way you could reverse it. Maggie learned this during AA meetings that she attended alongside her mother. It took Maggie fifteen years to change that mindset, but once she re-examined herself, she dismissed these beliefs by emphasizing physical and mental health.

Since then, Maggie started changing her negative behaviors with goal-attaining activities. She realized that it was not necessary to cut things out or refrain from something for you to be triumphant. But, you should focus your effects on your life and work on self-improvement and long-term success.

Maggie, therefore, began to live a transformed life free from her alcohol addiction, thus freeing herself from addictive behaviors. She ignored the negatives and created an image of her dream, as once advised by her mentor Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. She thought of a wellness company that can magnify a person’s self-reliance and abilities so that they can accept ideas of magnitude, letting you move into your factual purpose.

Maggie acknowledges that the study of the Laws of Achievement and the Science of Success as recorded by Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, Maxwell Maltz, Earl Nightingale, and Bob Proctor significantly contributed to most of her personal and professional success. Her former mentor, Mattew Burbridge of FitStory in England, introduced her to literature combining philosophy and psychology. He opened her eyes to the world within her and introduced her to a new and advanced level of mindfulness.

Maggie was born to prove that changing from an addictive lifestyle to becoming a “normal” person in society is possible. She aspires to help millions, if not billions, of people struggling with alcohol and their families caught in the web of pain and trauma. Inspired by her own experience, she knows she can achieve this. Her inspirational book is the number one bestseller at Barnes and Noble, and she firmly believes she will make it to the distinguished Oprah and Time magazines soon.


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