Hailey Bieber Got the Cutest Initial Nail Art, But Not the Letter You Think — See Photo

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Like so many of us, Hailey Bieber loves to accessorize with an initial. In one of the most meme’d moments of the year, her husband, Justin Bieber, wore shorts, Crocs-and-socks, and a baseball cap atop a hoodie, while the model and entrepreneur wore a slinky red cocktail dress, strappy matching heels, and the cutest “B” necklace by Alex Moss. In fact, she’s been spotted wearing that bubble-letter necklace on and off for lots of photos. And it makes sense: She’s both a Baldwin and a Bieber. But while you might think she’d pick an “H” for Hailey or a “J” for Justin when presented with another opportunity for an initial accessory, you’d be mistaken.

Hailey attended the holiday party for her beloved skin-care brand, Rhode, on Tuesday, December 12, looking foreseeably fabulous. In addition to a metallic burgundy, long-sleeve mini dress, she served up a glowing beauty look with glossy red lips, highly highlighted cheeks, and a glazed eye look that rivals the glazed donut nails she made famous. And speaking of her nails, Bieber’s manicure actually incomplete until she got to the soirée.

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