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Hailey and Justin Bieber Hold Hands as They Leave Dinner Date in Beverly Hills

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For their date night this weekend, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber headed to Italian restaurant Funke in Beverly Hills walking adorably hand-in-hand. The pair were photographed on their way home, with Justin holding their leftovers in a doggie bag.

The pop star was wearing a button-down shirt with black pants under a green jacket that featured a brown shearling collar. On his head he wore a black baseball cap backwards and he had on a pair of bright white and blue sneakers. Hailey was wearing a black leather trench coat with a hem that almost swept the ground, but just revealed her hot red boots and the cuff of a pair of denim jeans. At the neck, a bit of a gray shirt was visible.

She was carrying a black leather bucket purse and had on narrow black sunglasses. The Rhode beauty founder had her hair down and wore pale pink lipstick.

In the past few weeks, Hailey has been gearing up for the launch of her brand’s new pineapple enzyme-infused facial cleanser, the Pineapple Refresh Cleanser, and breaking out the beachside photos in a series of carousels on Instagram for promotion.

In one group of photos, she is wearing a literal clam shell bikini top under a red tulle top. In other photos, she’s wearing yellow diving gear over a black bathing suit, and in another she has on a black bikini and white bunny ears.

She shared some more outtakes on the day of the cleanser’s release, plus a shot of her in a white dress on the sand that has been soaked through and is nearly translucent.

There were also some adorable pics of the model’s sandy feet in yellow socks, and a short clip of her playing with her puppies.

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