Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s Complete Relationship Timeline

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Gigi Hadid has moved on from her year-long reported Leonardo DiCaprio romance to another A-lister, it appears: Bradley Cooper. Hadid and Cooper were first photographed together on October 5, getting dinner in New York City. That weekend, they went on a trip and were photographed returning to New York together on Sunday, October 8.

Sources spoke out about the two stars and single parents’ connection in the days following. Here, all there is to know about Hadid and Cooper’s burgeoning romance.

gigi hadid and bradley cooper

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October 2023

October 5

Hadid and Cooper spark surprise dating rumors when they are photographed leaving a dinner at Via Carota in New York City. No PDA is shown, but Cooper and Hadid walked side by side. See photos here via Daily Mail. The outlet reports that the two left in the same car following the meal.

October 8

Cooper and Hadid are photographed in his car together, returning to New York City after an apparent weekend trip. You can see the photo of them together here.

Both are seen removing overnight bags from the vehicle’s trunk, although they staggered their exits from the car.

October 9

Photos of Hadid and Cooper from October 8 are published on outlets.

A source speaks to People about their connection. The stars do have a relationship brewing, the source says, although it may not become serious. They are having fun,” the insider says. “She’s independent, busy, and her days are filled with responsibilities so I don’t see anything serious happening right away if at all.”

Hadid has “had sort of a crush on [Cooper] for a while,” the source adds, claiming she may be open to exploring something greater than a friendship with him.

“[They have] things in common so it’s possible to see it progress,” the source admits. “It appears super casual now, but they both have kids, big careers, busy lives and understand what life is like in these circles. It’s cute…and there is an attraction.”

October 10

A source gives Us Weekly similar intel and addresses Hadid and Cooper’s 20-year age gap. Hadid is 28 while Cooper is 48. “They have a lot in common,” the source says. “They’re both single parents to a young daughter, and they share a similar sense of humor.”

Hadid co-parents 3-year-old Khai with her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik, while Cooper shares 6-year-old Lea de Seine with his ex Irina Shayk.

In regards to her child, Hadid “has no intention of introducing Khai to anybody she dates unless she’s in a fully committed relationship,” the source says, adding that Hadid is “open to the idea of getting to know [Cooper] better.”

“[They] have been out a couple of times,” the source says. They met through a mutual friend, the insider adds, and “[she’s] really enjoying spending time [with him].”

Their ultimate relationship status is very up in the air. “It’s still far too early to know where things might be headed,” the source says. “[Although] things aren’t that serious right now, the attraction is there.”

That same day, a source speaks to Entertainment Tonight about how their exes feel about the relationship.

Hadid’s mother Yolanda and sister Bella Hadid “are supportive of Gigi and always just want her to be happy. They think Bradley has the potential to be a good fit for her. Zayn also wants what’s best for Gigi,” the source says. For Malik specifically, “he is learning to accept the reality that he needs to move forward and take care of himself while putting his daughter first, and doing what’s best for their family.”

On Shayk’s end, “[she] has no issue with Bradley dating others, especially while things are still casual between Bradley and Gigi,” the source adds. “Everyone is mostly open to their former partners moving on.”

The source reiterates much of what Us Weekly’s source said when discussing Hadid and Cooper’s connection.

“[They’re] hanging out casually, but they have known each other for a while,” the source reveals. They share a lot of mutual friends, and this isn’t the first time that they’ve spent time together. They both have similar personalities that are fun and playful and they are also both jokesters. They feel comfortable around each other.”

October 11

A source tells The Messenger that Shayk introduced Cooper and Hadid.

“Gigi was introduced to Bradley through Irina and their mutual friends in the industry,” the source explains. “Gigi and Irina have been close over the years while working together, and Gigi and Bradley have hung out before, but it has always been friendly in social settings. Gigi and Bradley were in touch recently, and were bonding over their daughters, when Bradley asked her out.”

“He pursued her, and she was definitely interested and excited,” the source adds. “They have been casually seeing each other, but it is extremely new. Gigi has expressed she does not want a serious relationship. They have a lot in common, and both relate to being parents in the industry. She wants to get into acting and is intrigued by Bradley’s perspective and guidance. It is very casual at this point.”

Additionally, a source tells The Daily Mail that Malik is not happy at all about Hadid and Cooper dating.

“Zayn has gotten wind of it and he hates it,” the source says. “Not that it is Bradley, just because it is anyone in the first place. He still has a connection with Gigi, and he doesn’t really want to see or let alone think about her with someone else romantically. It has been a while since they broke up, but they have a lot of history, and as we all know, they have a kid together. So that plays a lot into it, because he can never get away from it as they will be connected forever, and it plays with his emotions.”

Another source reveals that Cooper is very excited about Hadid. “Bradley is eager to date again and be in a relationship,” the source says. “He loves all that comes with it, and Gigi is beautiful and she gets it, she is really cool and knows her way around relationships like this with famous men, so they are both having fun.”

“Bradley wasn’t jealous that Irina is with Tom [Brady], but it did give him the extra push to move on and start dating and put his focus on someone who could be a good mate,” the source continues. “They are seeing how it all goes, it is still really new, but there is no disappointment with what has been happening so far. It is all looking very positive to turn into something serious.”

October 20

Hadid and Cooper were photographed out together, walking in the rain in New York City that Friday morning. No PDA was shown (and no umbrellas were used), although they did appear alongside each other.

November 2023

November 1

Cooper and Hadid kicked off the new month with another date sighting. Page Six ran photos of the couple seeing off-Broadway play Danny and the Deep Blue Sea at Lucille Lortel Theater in Village. One eyewitness told the outlet, “It’s a theater date night! Bradley is always going to the theater.”

Hadid dressed up in a yellow tweed coat, New York Yankees cap, and carried a Birkin handbag. Cooper was in black with light colored pants. See photos of their date here.

November 4

Following Hadid’s viral night out with Taylor Swift and her squad, the model ended her evening with Cooper. The Daily Mail reported that Hadid was seen leaving Zero Bond, where Swift’s group had been, with Cooper not far behind her. See photos of them here.

November 6

Sources spoke to Page Six and Us Weekly about how Hadid and Cooper’s relationship is taking off.

Hadid is impressed with Cooper, Us’ source said: “Gigi appreciates that Bradley is different from other men she’s dated. He’s really mature and treats her with nothing but respect.”

When they are unable to see each other in person, they have prioritized “texting, FaceTiming [and] communicating every day,” the source added, noting they’ve “grown closer over the past couple weeks.”

Page Six’s source also portrayed their relationship as really escalating. The insider said, “Their relationship is on steroids. It’s getting serious very quickly. They are together everyday.”

He “finds her intellectually interesting,” the source noted. Cooper may even want a committed future with Hadid eventually: “Bradley is getting older,” the source said. “At some point he might say, ‘I like getting up and seeing her face, and having a cup of coffee with her.’”

November 14

A source opens up to Entertainment Tonight about how much Cooper and Hadid’s relationship has progressed.

“Bradley and Gigi are smitten with each other,” the source said. “The two enjoy spending time together and have introduced each other to the important people in their live. Last night, Bradley invited Gigi to a work dinner in NYC. They have bonded over their passion for working, their families and, most importantly, being a parent. People around them think they are great together.”

“Bradley and Gigi have so much fun together and things are just easy between the two of them,” the source continued. “Their relationship is genuine and hardly requires any effort. They are just enjoying living in the moment without the thought or feeling of trying too hard to make things work. They both recognize the importance of family, friends, and setting a positive example for their kids to live by. They share similar values and both try to be their best selves for themselves and as parents. Gigi’s friends and family like Bradley and love seeing her happy.”

December 2023

December 6

Hadid signaled Cooper’s special place in her life subtly. The actor appeared on her brand Guest in Residence’s Instagram Stories when advertising its back in stock plaid work shirt. The photo of Cooper was from paparazzi photos taken in October.

December 14

Page Six reported that Cooper, a Pennsylvania native, purchased a home near New Hope, where the Hadid family farm is located.

January 2024

January 24

Cooper and Hadid were seen leaving New York City to travel to London together. They were photographed wheeling their luggages through the airport. The couple was headed to BFI Southbank for In Conversation With Bradley Cooper to discuss his film Maestro.

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