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Spiros Halaris

March 23, 2024

You’ll be in your element hunkered down at home on Saturday as the moon nests in Virgo and your domestic fourth house. Whether you feel like relaxing, doing household chores or a little of both, concentrate on your own aims and don’t get pulled into doing favors for others. You know how that will end up. If you give an inch, they’ll take a mile…and there goes your weekend. And if you do feel like heading out the door to see people, keep everyone’s expectations low in case you decide to make it an early night. Tell them ahead of time that you’re just doing a drive-by. Even better: Put socializing off until later on Sunday. At 4:37 PM EST that day, the moon sails into Libra and your playful fifth house. After that, you’ll be up for all the fun options that float your way—especially if your favorite people are involved!

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