Florence Pugh Is Really Embracing Her New “Mayor of Flavortown” Look — See Photos

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Ever since Florence Pugh shaved her head in May, it seems like she’s been having a lot of fun with color as she grows it out. Her buzz cut has been host to both pink and orange dye, and when I saw she recently bleached it blonde, I thought it was giving strong Billy Idol vibes. Pugh, however, thinks her current hairstyle is reminiscent of another spiky, tow-headed celebrity.

Pugh posted a couple of slides to her Instagram Stories on Thursday, August 3 — one still selfie and one selfie video — in which she’s wearing a colorfully embroidered black sweater, dangling starfish earrings, cat-eye sunglasses, neon nail polish, and — of course, bleached-blonde, super-short hair. And it’s that hair that must have inspired her caption: “Sometimes when I get out of the shower I look like Guy Fieri and I love it.”

Now, I, for one, don’t see the resemblance between Pugh and the TV-host-turned-restauranteur. Like, at all. Even with the somewhat similar hairstyle (she’s definitely using far less gel, from what I can tell). But then again, this selfie appears to have been taken in the backseat of a car — not right out of the shower — so maybe we’re not getting the full effect.

In the next slide, Pugh goes on, writing, “Just saying… could be the new mayor flavour town.” Gotta love the British spelling. “Or should I say ‘Flo’ver town.” Yes. Yes, you should.

Instagram/Florence Pugh

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