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Finally, A Skeleton Makeup Tutorial That’s Actually Easy to Follow — Expert Tips

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Below are some of the products Lovello used to create the final look you’ll see below.

Nyx Professional Makeup Nyx Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen

Treslúce Beauty B100 Deluxe Blending Brush

Too Faced Born This Way Sunset Stripped Eye Shadow Palette

How to prepare for skeleton makeup

Your skin-care lineup on the morning before your Halloween party will play a crucial role in how long your makeup lasts. Start with a deep cleanse with exfoliation. (This will remove oils, dead skin, or debris that may disrupt your makeup, explains New Braunfels, Texas-based makeup artist Jessica Hidalgo Chavez.) When you go to apply your products, make sure you take a look at how they will play with your makeup. “If I’m using oil-based makeup, I like to use oil-based skin care,” says Barcelona, Spain-based makeup artist Alexa Rivera. “And if I’m using water-based makeup, I use water-based skin care.” Your last step: Layer on a hydrating primer to help your makeup grip onto your skin. Lovello used Il Makiage New York Poreless Base Smoothing Primer on my skin.

Skeleton makeup tutorial

Step 1: Outline the skeleton eye hollows.

Makeup artist Cara Lovello draws outline of skeleton eye hollows on writer Chelsea Avila.

Cara Lovello

The key to this step is letting your facial anatomy guide your waterproof brow pen. With featherweight pressure, start your outline at the tail-end tip of your brow bone, gliding it out and downward toward the lowest part of your under-eye area. Sweep it along your cheek toward the bridge of your nose. Trace the outline of the bridge toward your brow to form an eye hollow.

FYI, your lines shouldn’t be perfect. (The more curves and “wobbles,” the better.)

Step 2: Create your skeleton contour.

Outlines around the eyes, cheeks, and jaw on Avila.

Cara Lovello

Outlines around the eyes, cheeks, and jaw on Avila.

Cara Lovello

Start the outline at your hairline, midway between your right ear and the top of your head. Create an ‘S’ line that sweeps inward into your temple and curves beneath your cheekbone, extending it halfway between your ear and the corner of your lips. Then, pick up your pen and create a faint, angled line from the earlobe to mid-jaw.

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