Fare Meets Function in Eléonore Joulin’s Gourmet Ceramic Lamps and Vases

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Fare Meets Function in Eléonore Joulin’s Gourmet Ceramic Lamps and Vases

a vase that looks like a cut leek with baby's breath poking from the top

“Leek vase.” All images © Eléonore Joulin, shared with permission

Eléonore Joulin casts humble foods in a fresh light with her gastronomic collection of ceramic goods. From her studio in Brussels, the artist layers crinkled cabbage leaves into a vegetal dwelling and twists a long sausage into a sculptural, worm-like shape. She outfits many forms with a bulb and cord, turning a wedge of blue cheese or a big pickle into a functional design.

Most works begin with experimentation as Joulin explores the possibilities of a particular metallic oxide or other chemical compound. “For instance, titanium is unstable and iron is very coloring and the combination of (those) two oxide(s) gives a wide range of beige to brown, which was the start of exploring the texture of bread,” she shares. This specific research is on the artist’s mind at the moment as she searches for the proper glaze for a French brioche.

If you’re in Paris, stop by La Corvée after June 7 to see Joulin’s sculptures in a group show. Otherwise, find more of her designs on Instagram. You might also enjoy these grain-based designs.

ceramic green cabbage leaves form a house structure with a light inside

“Cabbage House”

a wedge of cheese with a line of blue pockets running down the center with a lamp cord running behind it

“Morbier cheese”

a large pink winding sausage lamp


a large green ceramic pickle lamp

“Big Pickle”

#ceramics #Eléonore Joulin #food #lamps #light #sculpture

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