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Esoteric Forms Emerge from Wood in Aleph Geddis’s Enchanting Geometric Sculptures

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Esoteric Forms Emerge from Wood in Aleph Geddis’s Enchanting Geometric Sculptures

All images © Aleph Geddis, shared with permission

Carving out a niche where traditional woodworking, modernism, and esoterica meet, Aleph Geddis crafts intricate geometric sculptures from solid pieces of timber. Each abstract piece has a personality of its own, some elusively figurative while others appear like glyphs or ancient symbols transformed into three-dimensional shapes.

Geddis is particularly interested in exploring the possibilities of the Platonic solids, a category of convex polyhedra that have been investigated by mathematicians and philosophers for millennia, prominent in their namesake Plato’s research. In a statement, Geddis describes these forms as “holding a truth beyond human subjectivity and a magical existence that precedes us and will outlast us, that we get the pleasure of experiencing and interacting with.”

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Geddis admired Indigenous wood carvings of the region from a young age, fascinated by their interpretations of nature. He now splits his time between Bali and Orcas Island, Washington, where he shares a studio with his sculptor father.

Geddis’s fascination with nature and wood as a medium began to catalyze during a family trip to Japan when he was young. Over time, his work has evolved in an ongoing study of form and material. He now also has a house in Hokkaido, Japan, where he plans to add on a studio. As a frequent traveler, Geddis brings his work with him wherever he goes, exploring the dualities and paradoxes of his surroundings as he continues “to make some offering of beauty and integrity back into the world.”

Find more on Geddis’s website and Instagram. (via Design Milk)

#Aleph Geddis #sculpture #wood #woodworking

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