Emotional Faces Fuse with Flora and Fauna in Abi Castillo’s Playful Ceramics

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Emotional Faces Fuse with Flora and Fauna in Abi Castillo’s Playful Ceramics

From the series ‘Sea Creatures.’ All images © Abi Castello, shared with permission

Oh, to be a flower allergic to pollen! In Abi Castillo’s playful ceramics, flowers sprout from the tops of expressive heads, blossoms sniffle, and vases contend with their contents—and the bees they attract. The Galicia, Spain-based artist creates characters that reflect her own experiences and emotions, becoming what she describes as alter-egos into which she can pour all of her feelings. She describes a “need to give life to objects, always looking for eyes to look at. That’s why faces are very important.”

Interested in the relationships between mysticism, drama, beauty, and the grotesque, Castillo imbues a growing cast of personalities with organic qualities, from coral to sprouting cheeks. She focuses on faces as a way to express humor or irony, and begins by making sketches that illustrate the final assembly. “The ceramic work is a slow process, where it is the clay that marks the drying times and where patience is very important,” she says. “The process can last from a few weeks to several months.”

Find more of Castillo’s work on her website and Instagram.

From the series ‘Drama.’ Photo by Sandra MG

Pieces from ‘Allergic Party.’ Photo by Emma Ovin

Flowers from the series ‘Allergic Party.’ Photo by Sandra MG

Photo by Sandra MG

Left: “A moco tendido.” Right: “Nómada con lunares”


‘Drama’ series. Photo by Sandra MG

“Seres da noite”

Detail of “Seres da noite”

#Abi Castillo #ceramics #plants

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