Elaborate Flower Arrangements by Lewis Miller Design Cascade From Fixtures of New York City Streets

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#flowers #installation #Lewis Miller Design #public art #street art

A cascade of flowers spilling out of a red telephone box.

All images © Lewis Miller Design, shared with permission

Sprays of vibrant blooms and foliage erupt from New York City trash cans, trucks, and road signs by Lewis Miller Design (previously). Known for his temporary Flower Flash installations, Miller sees phone booths and stacks of pallets as vessels for enormous floral arrangements, which often remain in place for only a few hours before they disappear. He delights in setting the scene for unexpected encounters and often collaborates with local businesses, events, and other artists, like in a series of cascading displays around artist Scott Froschauer’s reimagined road signs for L.E.A.F. Flower Show.

Find a variety of vivid arrangements on Miller’s Instagram and website.

A cascade of flowers spilling out of a city garbage can.

Two images of cascading floral arrangements around signs by Scott Froschauer.

A floral arrangement in a city garbage can. A large floral arrangement inside of a garbage can in New York City.

A cascade of flowers spilling out of a city garbage can.

A cascade of flowers around and spilling out of an ice cream truck.

A floral arrangement in the shape of a heart with the Empire State Building in the distance.  A cascade of flowers spilling out of a city garbage can.   A cascade of flowers spilling out over a stack of pallets.

#flowers #installation #Lewis Miller Design #public art #street art

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