Derek Hough Shares Update on Wife Hayley Erbert’s Health After Surgery

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Derek Hough’s gave fans an update on how wife Hayley Erbert is recovering following her second skull operation due to a medical emergency she suffered earlier this month.

Derek Hough Shares Update on Hayley Erbert’s Latest Skull Surgery

Derek Hough is thanking fans for their support amid his wife Hayley Erbert‘s ongoing health battle.

The Dancing With the Stars judge posted a heartfelt message after the 29-year-old underwent a second surgery on her skull.

“With immense relief, gratitude and overwhelming joy I’d like to share that Hayley’s cranioplasty surgery has been successfully completed as planned,” he wrote on Instagram Dec. 21, alongside a photo showing him looking at his wife as she lies on a hospital bed. “My sincere appreciation goes to the exceptional medical team.”

The surgery, which Derek had previously detailed on social media, saw an implant put in where a piece of her skull had been removed during the initial operation.

Derek continued, “Their expertise and steady hands were pivotal in this journey, ensuring a smooth and successful surgery. Especially Dr. Mai who not only performed the surgery but was also the one who saved her life 2 weeks ago.”

The choreographer also expressed his and Hayley’s gratitude for the outpouring of support from fans and pals—including within the DWTS family—since sharing the hews of her hospitalization earlier this month.

“We are profoundly touched by the outpouring of support and prayers from each of you,” Derek wrote in his message. “Your thoughts, prayers, and positive energy have been a source of strength and comfort for us during this challenging time. It’s truly heartwarming to know how much love and care surrounds us.”

He also gave a glimpse into the couple’s road ahead. “This surgery marks a significant milestone in my wife’s recovery journey, and your support has played a crucial role in getting us here,” he added. “We are filled with hope and optimism for the future, knowing she is on the path to a full recovery, surrounded by such a loving community. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for standing with us. We love you With heartfelt thanks and endless gratitude.”

Instagram / Derek Hough

Back on Dec. 7, Derek shared that Hayley had been rushed to the hospital following the couple’s Symphony of Dance tour performance in Washington, D.C. and had to have skull surgery after being diagnosed with a “cranial hematoma.”

Timothy Norris/FilmMagic

The following week, he shared how she was doing, noting on Instagram that “her recovery process has been nothing short of a miracle.”

He continued, “Thank you for the incredible support and medical care she has received.”

As he also noted to fans, “It’s been a profound reminder of how fragile life can be and how quickly things can change. But, it has also shown us the incredible strength and resilience that lies within us and the power of having a supportive community around us.”

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