Cyrus Kabiru Fashions Elaborate Mixed-Media Masks and Goggles from Found Objects

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#afrofuturism #Cyrus Kabiru #fashion #found objects #sculpture

the artist wearing an orange mask made of found metals, brushes, and other objects

All images © Cyrus Kabiru, shared with permission

Ranging from mechanical parts and cooking utensils to plastic caps and beads, Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru fashions dazzling eyewear and helmets from salvaged and found objects. The futuristic forms often obscure the eyes like an ornamental veil, and motorbike helmets provide a fitting canvas for fins and frills.

Kabiru (previously) originally began making innovative glasses after being denied a pair when he was young. The variety of materials the artist found around his hometown of Nairobi inspired him to create playful versions, bringing joy to those around him. Over time, his creations have grown and become more elaborate, hinting at mysterious technological functions.

Kabiru has recently begun larger standalone sculptures, and you can explore more of his work on Instagram.

an elaborately sculpted helmet from found materials with colorful ribbons, a teal metal face plate, and other metallic decorations and beads

two side by side images of elaborate eye-mask sculptures made from found materials like metal and beads

a wearable sculpture made from a black motorbike helmet with various found materials like a spoon, mesh, and other metal parts

two side by side images of elaborate eye-mask sculptures made from found materials like metal, beads, and kitchen appliances

a wearable sculpture made from a motorbike helmet with various pieces of metal and other objects attached to it

a man wears a pair of sculptural goggles made from a sheet of metal that has been cut out for eye holes with metallic spirals inserted

#afrofuturism #Cyrus Kabiru #fashion #found objects #sculpture

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