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Curiosity Gets the Best of ‘Ashkasha’ in This Otherworldly Stop-Motion Short

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#Lara Maltz #short film #stop motion #video

Curiosity Gets the Best of ‘Ashkasha’ in This Otherworldly Stop-Motion Short

Animator Lara Maltz adds new meaning to “losing one’s head” in her lauded short, “Ashkasha.” Made from clay, textiles, and beads, Maltz brings her unique characters and peculiar aquatic world to life in stop-motion.

The film follows its eponymous protagonist through a whirlwind of uncanny events, initially guided by her curiosity to glimpse into a mysterious pool. Suddenly, the surface erupts into a mess of splashing tentacles. Ashkasha is dramatically decapitated, and she falls into a strange underworld, awakening to a new reality. She sets out on a mission to find her missing head, facing numerous challenges during her transformative journey.

See more on Maltz’s Vimeo, and follow updates on Instagram.

All images © Lara Maltz

#Lara Maltz #short film #stop motion #video

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