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Colossal + Domestika: Develop Your Skills and Learn New Ceramic Techniques through Online Courses

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the artist is in her studio holding some of her ceramic sculptures

Creating Ceramics with Character, a course by Sandra Apperloo.

Does anyone else miss art school? The sweet smell of invasive ceramic dust, the satisfying scrape of fresh charcoal across a giant sheet of Strathmore, the mortifying class-wide critique of your meager attempt at drawing a poorly-lit vase that you really should have spent more time on but you were partying all night at Avery’s “performative art sequence” at that creepy abandoned carwash. Except for that last part, which definitely never happened to anyone on our staff, we love art education.

In our publishing and programming, we strive to inform and teach with the goal of growing communities of like-minded people who believe in humanity’s vast creative potential. If we can’t be in art school forever, maybe Colossal is the next best thing.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Domestika to connect you with even more practical art and craft learning opportunities (without any mortifying critiques!). Our first semester gets down and dirty as we focus entirely on earthenware with the Colossal Ceramic Class Bundle.

Longtime Colossal readers will recognize quite a few of the artists Domestika tapped to share their practices through online courses. Learn to embellish humble vessels using floral imprints with Hessa al Ajmani, create ceramics with character with Sandra Apperloo, learn the basics with a wildly popular class by Paula Casella Biase, and explore the surreal with sculptor Tomas Barcelo. All at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

So what are you waiting for? Seize the clay! Throw that slab of stoneware on your keyboard, roll up your sleeves, and dive in with the Colossal Ceramic Class Bundle. A portion of every course enrollment supports independent art publishing here on Colossal as well as supporting the artists you’re learning from. Talk about a win-win.

a sea of colorful cast of ceramic characters

Creating Ceramics with Character, a course by Sandra Apperloo.

a collage showing al ajmani's process of imprinting botanicals in clay

Ceramics with Floral Imprints: Make Functional Tableware, a course by Hessa Al Ajmani.

Clay Modeling and Assembly with sculptor Tomas Barcelo.

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