Chappell Roan Is Unrecognizable With Bleached Brows and Blonde Ringlets — See the Photos

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Summer 2024 is all about Chappell Roan and we cannot get enough of the musician’s ever-changing looks: full green body paint for a Statue of Liberty look one day, an ode to iconic drag queen Divine the next. Roan isn’t just packing festivals and dominating streaming services—she’s also become a beauty icon for people who want to pile on the blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick and have fun with color.

For a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Roan skipped her now-trademark tumbling red curls and bright white face paint in favor of voluminous light blonde ringlets and bleached brows, practically rendering herself unrecognizable from the redheaded singer we’ve come to love. Hairstylist Dom Forletta was behind the blonde wig, which flowed past the musician’s shoulders in small, tight curls, while nail artist Juan Alvear applied extra-, extra-long white stiletto nails painted with a gradient of two Essie Nail Art Studio Gloss shades, Arctic Jelly and Buttercup Jelly. Feathers flow out from each finger to match the feathers on Roan’s lashes.

Roan was wearing face makeup, but a subtler shade than her usual chalk white performance color. Makeup artist Andrew Dahling gave Roan’s skin a snow queen sheen and applied the aforementioned white feathers to the corners of her lids, painting on a dramatic red shadow underneath the lashline and covering the singer’s actual lashes in white mascara for a bird of prey effect. Roan’s lips were an antique gold color that mimicked the pale blonde hair.

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