Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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Spiros Halaris

WEEK OF March 19 – 24, 2024

Set your GPS to “true north,” Cancer! This Tuesday, March 19, the Sun blazes into Aries and your tenth house of success, getting you fired up about your ambitions. Until April 19, you’ll have to swap those cozy, oversized sweaters for chic blazers—and if you have a spring break getaway planned, don’t leave your laptop at home. (But DO make sure any office hours you put in are #WorkFromPool.) This annual professional tune-up can shift your perspective and set your sights on a higher goal, possibly something that feels a tad bit out of your reach. If you’ve been worried about glass ceilings, put on your protective helmet and keep on rising. You’re poised to smash right through those “barriers” and claim your rightful place among the movers and shakers over the coming month! Reach out to any helpful influencers in your database and let them support your ascent. With Mercury spinning retrograde in Aries from April 1 to 25, you could get a helping hand from someone from your past. Don’t know anyone who fits that status? Show up at industry events and start mingling among the cognoscenti in your field. You might have to avail yourself as the eager ingenue in order to get a wing-tipped oxford in the door, but those are the dues you pay to connect with people who can support your ascent.

You’ve got great big plans, Cancer, but before you TM that blueprint, run it through a series of stress tests. This Thursday, March 21, creative Venus hits Saturn’s speedbump as the ringed taskmaster throws some reality checks your way. Facts: Your patience for red tape can be shorter than a Y2K micromini. Also facts: Trying to force situations to meet your ideal has been a perpetual source of stress for you in the past. So why repeat the pattern? If you don’t have adequate data to support your dream, hit the brakes fast. We’re not saying you have to start from scratch here! But with Venus and Saturn in Pisces and your “more is more” ninth house, you’re in full-on maximizer mode. And yes, that’s often where the trouble begins. It’s great that you can peep the potential of this exciting possibility, but you can’t force a bud to open before its time. Slow down and embrace the “flowering process.” Incredible things can blossom if you’re willing to take your time and let this evolve organically.

Can you broaden your horizons while staying in place? Mars lays down the gauntlet this Friday, March 22, zooming into Pisces until April 30 and joining Venus, Saturn and Neptune in your intrepid ninth house. You may soon begin doing everything in your power to book a mind-blowing vacation—the kind that involves something like studying with a master teacher or cycling through Portuguese wine country. No time to travel? Lucky for you, this zone of your chart is ruled by fantasy-fueled Pisces, so your very own imagination will take you far. Sign up for online lectures and read books by global leaders and entrepreneurs. (Or binge-watch every episode of departed Cancer icon Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.) Download a translation app and finally get around to mastering a foreign language. Soon enough, you may be able to navigate around a far-flung destination without resorting to tourist sign language. If you’ve been getting relocation plans in place, your efforts might speed up between now and April 30. Or not: The ninth house rules visionary political action and this could be your cue to rally your community around a cause you deem important. Your nurturing touch and take-charge determination are a rare (and much-needed) brew!

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