Cancer Horoscope December 2023: Read Your Monthly Predictions

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But remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money. When the sun enters practical Capricorn on Thursday, December 21, your star-approved advice is to continue taking stock of the love in your life. Yeah, beauty gifts are fun. But have you told your family, blood, and/or chosen how much you love them lately? At the risk of sounding morbid, like we’re still in spooky Scorpio season, death is inevitable. Meditating on this can be dark and depressing, especially in the season of fairy lights and gifts wrapped with bows, but it’s great motivation for letting your loved ones know, well, how much you love them.

Let the stars give you blessings of laughter, joy, and, yes, a solid New Year’s Eve make-out for those who seek it.

The more you give, the more you receive. Reaching out to express yourself comes with benefits, in particular, a luminous full moon in your sign on Tuesday, December 26, Cancer. Not everyone has the luxury of spending the winter holidays exactly how they want. Some of us reading have travel obligations we can’t break. But even if it’s a quick phone call, get in touch with your ride-or-dies. And if you can swing celebrating this lunation with your best friends in person? Whether you go dancing, convince your crew to do karaoke, or host a game night, It just might be one of the most fun nights you’ve had all year.

While the first half of December generally encouraged you to reach out to others, by the time New Year’s Eve comes around, it’s okay to sit back and let other people make the plans. Maybe it’s because people associate you with the home, but you tend to host more than some of your friends do. When sweet Venus enters generous Sagittarius on Friday, December 29, lower any unhealthy emotional walls because the stars want to bless you with laughter, joy, and, yes, make-outs for those interested in a New Year’s Eve kiss — even if you’re also crying. Because lucky Jupiter ends its retrograde on Saturday, December 30, in Taurus and your 11th House of Friendship, leaving you feeling so loved, as we warned: there may be tears. Have fun, cry as much as you want, and we’ll see you in 2024.

Important dates in December 2023:

Monday, December 2: Venus enters Scorpio

Wednesday, December 6: Neptune goes direct in Pisces

Tuesday, December 12: New moon in Sagittarius

Tuesday, December 12: Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn

Tuesday, December 26: Full moon in Cancer

Friday, December 29: Venus enters Sagittarius

Saturday, December 30: Jupiter goes direct in Taurus

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