Thursday, July 25, 2024

Cancer Daily Horoscope

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Spiros Halaris

February 17, 2024

Be your cautious self on Saturday as agreeable Venus runs into suspect Pluto in your mystery realm. Not everyone is exactly who they appear to be, Cancer, and if you keep your guard up, you can protect yourself from any dodgy dealings. Heed your instincts instead of brushing them off. Do some sleuthing to gather ALL the facts that are required to paint the full picture here. It’s possible that a shady character isn’t doing anything nefarious after all. Even the most home-loving Crab will have itchy feet after the vibrant Sun blazes a trail into Pisces and your globetrotting ninth house on Sunday, where it will be powering up your wanderlust until March 19. All of a sudden you can’t stop plotting your escape from routine—ideally to a far-flung locale. A solo trip could be in the pipeline, especially if it’s a biggie that’s already on your personal bucket list. But if you’re landlocked for now, take a metaphorical journey by launching an entrepreneurial venture or signing up for a class.

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