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Can We Talk About Taylor Swift’s Very Out of Character Manicure? — See the Photos

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I’ve been keeping a close eye on Taylor Swift‘s nails lately, and here’s why.

Typically Swift wears her nails short, which makes sense given she’s been playing guitar since she was a kid; though Dolly Parton can play a multitude of instruments with her long acrylic nails, Swift seems to prefer a shorter set. She’s also fond of doing her own nails, like the ode to Midnights she whipped up with a dark polish and star topcoat.

But at the 2024 Golden Globes, Swift hit the red carpet in a glamorous green Gucci gown and an equally glam long, almond-shaped, pale shimmery gold manicure to match. Since then, she’s been sticking to longer lengths — probably in part because she’s on a break from her Eras tour, so she can experiment with different styles and sets more easily than when she’s onstage. For a dinner in New York City with her friend Brittany Mahomes, Swift really changed things up from her usual manicure oeuvre with a square-shaped cotton candy pink set that feels very out of character for the musician.

Instead of her usual short nails, Swift opted for medium length nails in a bold square shape. Her nails were painted a bright, Lover-esque pink shade with a subtle design layered overtop that appears to be clouds. The whimsical detail feels very Swiftian, but I’ve never seen her in a manicure in this style before. The shape, the length, and the color … it’s so unexpected, I’m honestly a little shocked.

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