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Brian Austin Green Shares What He’s Learned About Raising a Gay Son

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Brian Austin Green giving insight into his parenthood journey.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 actor, who is a dad of five, recently reflected on the conversations with his eldest son Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green after the 21-year-old came out as gay.

“My son being gay, it was unknown for me,” Brian told Lance Bass on the Oct. 1 episode of his Frosted Tips podcast. “I think a lot of people are afraid of the unknown, whereas I’m not.”

The Dancing with the Stars alum, who shares Kassius with ex Vanessa Marcil, continued, “To me, it’s intriguing and I want to learn about it. I would get into these conversations with Kash where it was like, I really wanted to understand the things that seem so different to me at first and then you realize, oh this isn’t different at all. It’s just your choice of partner. It doesn’t affect me at all.”

Brian continued, “And that’s the thing I’m always trying to beat into people now. It does not affect you. Why do you care so much? And why are you literally trying to bully your feelings and your opinion into something that literally does not affect you at all?”

While Brian doesn’t often give insight into his bond with his eldest son, last year he revealed the pair had teamed up professionally. “Working with Kass on a movie titled ‘Rufus,'” he wrote on Instagram last October. “Such a great experience!!!”

In addition to Kassius, Brian is also a dad to Noah, 11, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 7, who he shares with ex-wife Megan Fox, and also has a son Zane Walker, 15 months, with fiancée Sharna Burgess.

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And in the co-parenting journey with an ex, the 50-year-old feels grateful for the mutual respect he and the Jennifer’s Body star have.

“I’ve been incredibly fortunate with Megan,” Brian said on the Sept. 18 episode of his and Sharna’s new podcast Oldish. “We co-parent really well together. When we need to, we communicate really well, we’re open to things, we don’t take things personally. It is my goal and I think it’s her goal as well that the kids are in as healthy an environment as they can be in.”

Brian said that raising kids is like “raising future adults.”

“There’s a lot that comes with that,” he said, “and that to me is what makes the concept of parenting so difficult. Because it is. It’s the waking up in the morning, making breakfast, it’s having the hard conversations about things, it’s going to the school, it’s doing homework afterwards. It’s really morally helping these kids learn these skills that they can then move into adulthood with because you’re not going to be with them forever.”

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