Brendon Burton Captures Intimate Portraits of North America’s Metamorphosing Rural Landscapes

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#aerial #Brendon Burton #houses #landscapes #ruins

Brendon Burton Captures Intimate Portraits of North America’s Metamorphosing Rural Landscapes

A smiley face appears in a hillside made of evergreen trees.

All images © Brendon Burton, shared with permission

Last summer, Brendon Burton hit the road from his home in Portland, Oregon, and wandered across the great western expanses of Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Utah. In the fall, he captured misty scenes around the Pacific Northwest and then headed east to New York and West Virginia, where the trees burst with autumnal orange and red hues. Focusing his lens on abandoned structures and isolated landscapes, the photographer (previously) emphasizes the tenuousness of memory, passing time, and places left behind.

Burton’s dreamlike images are characterized by dilapidated farmhouses, empty roads, and sprawling fields, often caught in a moment of temporary transformation, like when a flock of birds interrupts the quietude of a rural road or a stormy sky releases a dramatic rainbow.

Typically devoid of people, Burton’s images are often fixed on architectural details and artifacts left by past occupants. Rather than focusing on decay, he considers what liminality, or being in-between, physically looks like as landscapes and structures metamorphose through time. The cycle of the seasons plays out in the trees surrounding an Appalachian church or the emergence of a smiley face on timber land on an Oregon hillside. Planted by a lumber company about fifteen years ago, the expressive emblem is composed of larch, which turns yellow and drops its needles each year, amid a sea of Douglas fir.

Burton continues to work toward a book of photographs, which he aims to publish later this year. Find more on his website, Behance, and Instagram.

A rainbow spreads over a field of dozens of abandoned cars.

An abandoned, white farmhouse on a lush green hillside.

A collie looks in from outside an abandoned house or church. A piano sits in the room.

A drone shot of a white church in a valley during autumn.

An abandoned farmhouse in between two trees in a rolling field.

Birds fill the sky above a grassland.

A drone view of an abandoned farmhouse on a rural expanse of land with a hill in the background

A misty, wooded road with a row of six crows on the pavement in various states of hopping around and taking wing.

A storefront along an empty road with a large bear sculpture on top of it and a sign that reads

#aerial #Brendon Burton #houses #landscapes #ruins

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