Big Time Rush Shares Their Singing, Acting Goals for the Next 10 Years

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Big Time Rush Tease New Music

Don’t expect Big Time Rush to have some small plans for the future.

After experiencing a whirlwind 2022, members Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega and James Maslow are ready to keep the party going for loyal fans with a summer tour and brand-new music.

“For the band, we have big dreams with music,” Kendall exclusively shared with E! News after announcing the Can’t Get Enough Tour. “We’re constantly putting out great stuff and reaching goals that we’ve set. But I think we always want to continue to achieve more with that. There’s just a lot of music and a lot of creativity there.” 

Formed in 2009, Big Time Rush was originally a musical sitcom series that kicked off on Nickelodeon. A film adaptation named Big Time Movie premiered in 2012 before the boy band went on hiatus in 2014.

But once the group returned in 2022 with new music and a sold-out tour, the guys realized their dreams were just getting started.

“I hope that we’re able to continue to grow this brand, grow this project and in the next ten years, I know we all would love to continue touring,” James said. “On a personal side, I absolutely want to continue on the acting front. I want to keep moving there with film and TV and have that work right alongside these projects like we’re doing right now.”

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Speaking of film, James admitted that bringing Big Time Rush back to the big or small screen is an “ongoing conversation.”

“We are four actors as well as musicians,” he said. “But we would want to do it in a fresh way.”

So, maybe not a reboot, but maybe as a Broadway musical? 

“Carlos is a big Lin-Manuel Miranda fan and likes his projects. What if they did a Big Time Rush musical?” Kendall mused. “Big Time Rush: The Musical. It’s actually not a bad movie idea. We all get together to do a musical.”

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Logan added, “I just want to create art. That’s the best part of being present and then seeing what you’re capable of and what you can do.”

For now, the guys have their hands full with the brand-new song “Can’t Get Enough.” They also are already preparing for the Can’t Get Enough Tour with Jax and Max, which kicks off June 22.

“To be honest, we didn’t think that we were going to be going on tour this summer again,” Carlos said. “We did last summer. Everything just kept going and we’re like, ‘Yeah, maybe we go again!'” 

It’s that positive attitude that can’t be ignored from old and new fans alike. And although the future is hard to predict, all of the guys are grateful to be savoring the present. 

“We’re going and just rolling with the punches and that’s how we’ve been going at it,” Kendall said. “We’re just having fun most importantly.”

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