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Baby Brow Lamination Can Transform Your Eyebrows — But It’s Not For Everyone

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A quick refresher: Brow lamination is a four-step process that involves softening the hairs using a chemical solution before shaping, taming, and setting them into your desired shape — basically a straightening perm for your brows. It creates a fuller, more uniform look that lasts about eight weeks. So why would you get only the front of your brows laminated? “For some, a fully laminated look can feel too intense,” says Vincent. “Only laminating the fronts of the brows can add some lift and help control the direction of unruly fronts, creating a kind of cool ‘undone’ feathery start to the brows.” Brow expert Kristie Streicher, who offers what she calls a Nurtured Brow Lift at her Beverly Hills studio, says, “I have a few clients that have cowlicks on one or both brows and this is especially helpful in correcting, to give ultimate symmetry without having to tweeze.”

You’ll want to follow the same preparation protocol as a full brow lamination: Stop using exfoliants (alpha hydroxy acids and retinol) 48 hours before your treatment and ask for a patch test if you have sensitive skin or have never had a lamination. And be prepared to pay what you would for a full lamination — between $75 and $250 — depending on your location and your expert’s skill level.

Should you get baby brow lamination?

Though the chemicals are applied to just a portion of your eyebrows, you’re going to want to look at their full shape to determine if you’re a candidate for the treatment. “If your brows have a lot of little bends and waves or curls in them and you only straightened the front of the brow, it wouldn’t look right,” says Robin Evans, brow expert, aesthetician, and founder of Levans Beauty. Vincent adds that you should skip this look if you have sparse brows “with hair that tends to run more horizontally, as the lifted fronts will look too contrasted to the rest of the hairs, creating an unnatural look.”

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Baby brow lamination risks

Before you make your appointment, ask yourself a few questions: Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Do you have sensitive skin around your brows or eye area? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s safest to stick to your favorite brow pencil.

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