Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Apparently, There’s No Such Thing as Hat Hair When You’re Katie Holmes — See the Photos

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Beanie hats are so cute and fun, but they can also be a huge pain to incorporate into your hairstyle and overall look. Think frizz, static, flatness, awkward placements, smudging your face makeup and everything in between. But you gotta keep your head and ears warm on cold days, so hats are necessary come winter. However, the weather is no match for Katie Holmes and her gorgeous brunette hair, as evidenced by recent pics of the star looking extremely chic — per usual — in a winter hat.

Holmes was spotted out and about in New York City wearing a white beanie perched perfectly atop her long, dark hair. The true miracle is that she managed to make it look cute even with curtain bangs, which is no small feat. If you have or have had bangs in the past, you know that a tight-fitting hat can wreak havoc on your fringe, squashing it or frizzing it up. Not so for Holmes, apparently, who manages to make dressing (and hairstyling) for the weather look aspirational.

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