All About Georgianne Walken, Christopher Walken’s Casting Director Wife

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If there was a Walk of Fame for the longest-lasting relationships in Hollywood, Christopher Walken and his wife, Georgianne, would definitely have their own star (along with Eugene Levy and his longtime wife, Deborah Divine).

The Walkens have been together since the 1960s. Get to know the couple’s nearly 50-year love story and Georgianne herself below.

Christopher and Georgianne first met in 1966.

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According to The New York Times, Christopher and Georgianne first met when they were both dancers in a touring company of West Side Story. They dated for three years before taking their relationship to the next step.

They got married in 1969.

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In 1969, Georgianne and Christopher got married. Christopher reflected on their marriage two years ago in an interview.

In February 2022, he told The New York Times, Every once in a while—certainly not often—I’ll be looking out the window, and I’ll think, I feel pretty good. My bills are paid, my wife is healthy, the weather’s nice. That’s really all I care about: when, apropos of nothing, I happen to look out the window and think, This is good.”

Christopher and Georgianne decided not to have children.

The couple made the choice not to have children. In fact, Christopher credits both of their extremely successful careers to the fact that they never had kids.

In March 2013, The Guardian asked him if he believed their careers would have reached the heights that they did if they became parents.

“Absolutely not,” he answered. “I’m sure many of the kids I knew as a child would have continued in show business, but they had kids of their own, had to do something dependable. I didn’t, so I could get by even in periods of unemployment.”

With that being said, Christopher has admitted that he’s thought about what it would’ve been like to be a parent.

In 2005, when talking about his role in Wedding Crashers with Hollywood Foreign Press Association, he said, “It was a different kind of part for me because I played many villains, and in this movie, I was a father, a good person, the Secretary of the Treasury, which is unusual for me. Also, I don’t have children, but I thought, what would I be like if I had a beautiful daughter? When I was a kid in high school, I would go to pick up my girlfriend. Her father would always be there and the way he would look at me was scary, so I thought, if the father is looking at you, you better be careful.”

He also added, “I do like to work as much as I can because I don’t have children; I don’t have hobbies; I don’t do anything else. And I’m glad that I don’t have children. I have two brothers, and they have plenty of children. They come to my house, and I am always very glad when they leave. I have a wife; I’ve been married for 35 years. And I have some cats, but I can open the door, and they go out, so it’s quite nice.”

Georgianne is a former casting director.

Georgianne has worked as a casting director on some pretty reputable TV shows and movies, like The Sopranos, Entourage, and The Final Cut. She also acted in an episode of The Sopranos.

She is an Emmy award-winning casting director.

Georgianne received nine Emmy Award nominations for her casting work. In 1999, she won the award for Outstanding Casting for a Series for The Sopranos.

Christopher and Georgianne have worked together.

In 1983, Georgianne ventured away from her typical behind-the-scenes work and took an acting gig alongside her husband. He was starring in the sci-fi thriller, I, and she played Wendy Abramson.

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