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Alex Mill Cracked the Code for the Perfect Pair of Jeans

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Call me a romantic, but I’ve always believed in The One. However, that’s not what I’m here to discuss. No, we’re not getting into my love life—not today, at least. Instead, we’re getting into some jeans.

Generally speaking, my wardrobe consists of three things: knitwear, jewelry, and denim, the last of which makes up the foundation of my closet with about 30 different pairs of jeans (don’t question it). So, trust me when I say: I know what it’s like to hunt for the perfect pair to trump them all. I also know I’m not alone in this endeavor—especially not after chatting with the team at Alex Mill, which just launched its first collection of five-pocket jeans. Much like dating, finding the perfect match requires a bit of trial and error. So when the brand invited me to check out the new styles up-close and get a personal fitting in the process, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

alex mill jeans

Alex Mill

alex mill denim jeans

Alex Mill

“Since the relaunch of Alex Mill, we’ve always styled our clothes with vintage denim in our campaigns,” co-founder and design director Somsack Sikhounmuong tells me. “We got to the point where there were just so many customers asking about denim, and it never felt like it was the right moment. Then, about a year ago, we decided it was time to think about what launching denim would look like for us.” He states that it was really important to focus on a small handful of styles, adding, “Everyone has one great pair of jeans—their favorite pair of jeans, that favorite fit.” But, knowing that the “perfect fit” is different for every person, the brand is offering three women’s styles: the Amber, the Bev, and the Carla—with two washes each.

alex mill jeans launch

Alex Mill

The designer shares that they focused on very classic, vintage fits, much like the ones they used in their campaigns—no trends, no studs, crazy washes, silhouettes, or anything of that sort. So, he and the team looked to the jeans from the ’90s—Sade, Amber Valletta, and Cindy Crawford were on the mood board. “These are the kind of washes and fits that are going to be relevant today and next year. You’ll probably wear them for the next 10 to 20 years.” After that, they went into the fits. Sikhounmuong says the obvious start was the high-rise fit, the Carla, but then they felt that a “mid-rise, lower-rise was feeling cool again,” which led to the mid-rise Amber and the baggier Bev. And out of these three, Alex Mill hopes you’ll find The One for you.

alex mill jeans launch behind the scenes

Alex Mill/Jordan Dennett

As a denim nerd, I was delighted to be invited to the Alex Mill HQ to check out the brand’s take on must-have jeans in person—and, of course, find the jeans for me in the process. I wanted to give each style a fighting chance. After all, there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up! So, behind Door Number One is the Amber. This fit might be the closest to what I’d describe as a “mom jean,” featuring a mid-rise fit at the waist and a slimmer leg—and the fabric features one percent elastane. For those who like a bit of stretch in their jeans, these are the ones I’d recommend. Behind Door Number Two: the Carla, a very strong contender! The straight leg, the high-rise, 100 percent cotton—on paper, these are perfect. And yet, despite even having Sikhounmuong working some extra magic, there was something about them that didn’t quite feel right.

alex mill jeans the amber

Alex Mill/Jordan Dennett

The Amber.

alex mill jeans carla fit

Alex Mill/Jordan Dennett

The Carla.

Finally, behind Door Number Three, there was the Bev. I wasn’t fully convinced that these would be my match upon first impression. But, as I often do with a first date, I let a second one really tell me what’s what. A few extra moments with these made it clear that they’d be coming home with me. Well, that and the fact that Sikhounmuong simply said these were the ones that felt most “me” out of all of them (we never discount our peers’ opinions!). It makes sense; I’ve long been a supporter of wide-leg jeans. Plus, these have everything I like: a relaxed fit, a mid-rise, and rigid 100 percent cotton. I went a size up from my usual fit for an even baggier look—and they’ve proven to be a worthy choice. I’ve been in these nearly every chance I get; they’ve even seen me through an eight-hour flight to Europe (and you know what they say about traveling with partners…).

alex mill jeans bev fit

Alex Mill/Jordan Dennett

The Bev.

Now, it’s your turn. Find the perfect pair for you, below.

The Amber Mid-Rise Slim

Alex Mill The Amber Mid-Rise Slim

The Bev Hipslung Relaxed

Alex Mill The Bev Hipslung Relaxed

The Carla High-Rise Straight

Alex Mill The Carla High-Rise Straight

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