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A Skipping Stone Hurtles Through Space as a Good Samaritan in a New Chemical Brothers Music Video

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A humble rock doubles as a savior in a new music video for The Chemical Brothers, featuring Beck. Directed by Pensacola and produced by Canada, “Skipping Like a Stone” opens with Kurt Steiner, a real-life record-breaking stone skipper shown with what appears to be his actual equipment, including a specialized tool case. After a series of impressive jumps across the water captured from increasingly spectacular perspectives, the individual rock launches into a fateful journey. Chaos and destruction ensue, although the stone plays good samaritan as it thwarts violence and saves several lives.

It’s worth reading Outside’s profile of Steiner from last fall, which dives into his incredibly precise technique shown in slow-motion in the video above.

an animated gif showing steiner skipping releasing a stone through frames that are interspersed with physics renderings

steiner sits at a table in a woods that has flat stones lying on top

a woman crouches in a smoky elevator

an animated image of a child throwing a stone that's crushed by another stone

#music video #video

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