A Brief Lesson Explains the Art Historical Shift to Painting Everyday People

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Evan Puschak of Nerdwriter brings us another dose of art history as he explains a profound shift in Western painting traditions. The insightful “Bruegel: Birth Of A New Genre” video explains how many works made prior to the 16th century dealt with religious and mythic themes or were portraits of the elite, all commissioned by the church or wealthy patrons. Protestant reforms in the church, political revolution, and a rise in the merchant class shifted the economic makeup, culture, and values, and as generally happens, art reflected this change. Painters like Pieter Bruegel The Edler began to render scenes and people that better captured this reality, focusing on the daily lives of regular people.

You also might enjoy Pushack’s lesson on realistic impressionism. (via Kottke)

A painting of people dancing

A black and white work of people ice skating

A painting of a town square with livestock and people

#art history #painting #video

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