6 Top Influencers to Follow in Travel

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The weather is warming up in most parts of the world, and the travel bug is hitting consumers. 

Just in the US alone, 87% of consumers expect to travel at least as much as they did in 2022, with 49% selecting that they expect to travel more. 

If you are a travel and hospitality brand, this is great news for you — business is most certainly coming your way! And, if you aren’t a travel and hospitality brand, you can still jump on this trend by finding creative ways to work with travel influencers. Below we provide six top influencers in the travel industry that you may want to follow or partner with in your next influencer marketing campaign. 

Travel Beans (Alex Collins and Emma Cox) @travel_beans

  • Mid-tier: 356K followers 
  • About: British travel influencers Alex Collins and Emma Cox met in Thailand during a trip and started exploring the world together soon after. Their nomad life began in 2015 and they now enjoy sharing their van life journey through their Youtube channel. Focusing on outdoor activities and a more organic lifestyle, they share beautiful pictures of the best spots to visit in various countries, unique nature experiences and also provide van life tips. Their audience is mostly found on YouTube, where they have a high video view rate. Although their audience on Instagram is smaller, they also have quite a good engagement rate on that platform. They reach their followers through their merch website but also provide affiliate discount codes, which allowed their audience to grow fast over the last 2 months.

Oneika Raymond @oneikatraveler

  • Mid-tier: 383K followers 
  • About: Oneika is not only a travel influencer but also an editor, a producer and an award-winning journalist! Based in New York, she hosted two series on Travel Channel: “Big City, Little Budget” and “One Bag and You’re Out.” She connects with her audience through posts in which she provides various travel tips (like how to save money on the go), bucket lists, and “must-visit” spots in every city she travels to. Interestingly, the majority of her audience, which has been growing steadily since the start of the year, is made up of people between 35 and 44 years old and coming from the United States. Oneika has already landed some partnerships with big brands like Coke, Advil, Otterbox, Chase, and more. Even better, her audience seem to engage with her sponsored content in a positive way — positive signs that she would make a strong partner!

Elisha Brock @girlsthatwander

  • Mid-tier: 282K followers
  • About: An inclusive community that inspires and empowers female travelers to explore the world without boundaries? This is what the London based travel influencer Elisha Brock has created! Founder of the women travelers community “Girls that wander”, Elisha shares beautiful pictures of fancy hotels and “Instagramable” locations in all countries she visits, filling her account with a lovely peaceful and natural aesthetic. Her audience is mostly located in the United States but, surprisingly, also in India, Italy, and Indonesia. She also has the particularity of reaching a broad generation range from young people in their 20’s to people in their 40’s.  

Charley Radcliffe Instagram: @charley.radcliffe 

LinkedIn: Charley Radcliffe 

  • Micro tier: 24.4K followers
  • About: The mountains are calling and Charley Radcliffe is listening. Harnessing his love for the arts and adventure, Radcliffe’s photography takes his followers on breathtaking journeys as he scales and skis impressive peaks. Based in France, his work at The North Face allows him to connect with athletes, adventurers, and outdoor travel enthusiasts. Radcliffe’s content speaks to a steadily growing audience with an age range from early 20’s to mid 40’s. In recent months, he has seen an increase in engagement from his audience which resides heavily in the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, and France. 

Preethi  Instagram @preethistraveljournal TikTok: @preethistraveljournal 

  • Mid-tier: 57.3K followers
  • About: Preethi’s platform is proof that family travel is possible. Before becoming a mom, Preethi was a solo travel influencer with a home base in Germany. Now, her and her family travel the world together, providing their audience with tips for traveling with kids, top stays, and travel advice all while capturing beautiful, colorful photos along the way. Preethi has a prominent and growing audience in India and has potential in the United States and United Arab Emirates. She posts content on Instagram and TikTok that engages a range of ages from young adults to people in their mid-40s.     

Harish Kumar Instagram @childishharish TikTok: throughthepnw 

  • Top tier: 1.8m followers
  • About: See the ethereal, mystical landscape of the Pacific NorthWest through Harish Kumar’s lens. While many travel influencers highlight their adventures in a colorful way, Kumar’s platform sets a moody tone that entices viewers to seek out the beauty found in the gloomiest parts of nature. His skilled photography and videography showcases mostly aesthetically pleasing shots of nature in the Pacific NorthWest (PNW). Kumar has more than doubled his following in the past 5 months, especially gaining popularity in the United States, followed by growth in India, and Canada. He can be found on TikTok as well as Instagram, where his content speaks mainly to folks between 25-34 years of age.

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