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23 Best Remote Control Vibrators That’ll Turn You On 2024

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Like most sex toys, you can use many of these sensual gadgets on a variety of erogenous zones. O’Reilly explains that even if the vibrator is designed for a specific part of your pleasure system, you don’t need to limit its focus to just one area. “A clitoral panty vibe can be used against the vulva, along the perineum, around the nipples, across the balls, or up and down the shaft of a penis,” she says. However, if a toy is made specifically for external use, don’t try to insert it in any of your or your partner’s holes. Doing so could potentially lead to injury and a mood-killing trip to the hospital.

If you’d like to experiment with some kinky BDSM play, Dr. O’Reilly recommends taking turns controlling the remote. “You’ll both get the chance to tease and enjoy the thrill of anticipation,” she says. “With all the options for vibration patterns and intensities, you’ll always have something new to discover.” O’Reilly also notes that these toys are a game-changer for long-distance couples since many can be controlled via apps, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. “With permission, you can allow your lover to connect to your toy from anywhere in the world,” she says. Long-distance sex anywhere? Yes, please.

Now, it’s time to spark your sexual imagination — whether for partnered sex purposes or a good old-fashioned masturbation mission. Treat yourself to one (or more) of the 23 best remote control vibrators on the web.

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