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19 Best Sunscreens for Face 2024, According to Experts

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But finding the right sunscreen for your skin tone and type can be tricky. Like any other skin-care product, personal preferences run the gamut. Those with sensitive skin may prefer mineral or physical sunscreens, which are always formulated with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide and “reflect ultraviolet rays off of them before the rays penetrate skin cells,” as Loretta Ciraldo, MD, a Miami-based board-certified dermatologist, previously explained.

On the other hand, those who prefer their SPF to feel more like a lightweight serum or moisturizer (that’s also more likely to induce zero white or gray cast) will turn to chemical sunscreens, which “use chemicals that absorb damaging UV rays and convert them to non-damaging heat,” says Sejal Shah, MD, a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist. Heads up: Common chemical UV filters include avobenzone, homosalate, octocrylene, octisalate, and ensulizole. (Oxybenzone and octinoxate are two other chemical filters that are banned in Hawaii, and therefore many companies have followed suit to keep them out of their ingredient lists.)

Nevertheless, to help you out on your daily sunscreen-wearing journey, we’ve gathered the best face sunscreens, according to Allure editors and board-certified dermatologists. These formulas glide on like a dream, never disrupt makeup, work well on all skin types, and most importantly, prevent sunburns and UV-induced damage with proper application.

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  • Best Overall: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50″,”brand”:{“name”:””},”id”:”6256f15ff4851a61e9d4c3e0″,”index”:0,”contentType”:”product”,”offers”:[{“offerUrl”:”″,”price”:”$38″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”″,”sellerName”:”Amazon”,”countryCode”:””,”reducedPrice”:””},{“offerUrl”:””,”price”:”$38″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:””,”sellerName”:”Dermstore”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””}]}” data-testid=”GallerySlideWrapper” orientation=”landscape”>

    Best Overall: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50

    Why It’s Worth It: When multiple editors of different ages and skin tones love the same sunscreen, you know it’s good. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 picked up a 2023 Best of Beauty Award due to its lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-sticky formulation — perfect for those who want serious sun protection without looking (or feeling) greasy. This matte-finish mineral SPF is chock-full of vitamin E to neutralize free radicals, silica to absorb excess oil, and La Roche-Posay’s classic Thermal Spring Water to soothe skin.

    Editor Tip: If the name sounds familiar, it’s the tinted version of the fan-favorite La Roche-Posay Anthelios Light Fluid Sunscreen SPF 50, which won a Best of Beauty Award in 2021.

    Type: Mineral | Key Ingredients: Vitamin E, silica, thermal spring water

  • Best Chemical Sunscreen: Innisfree Daily UV Sunscreen SPF 36″,”brand”:{“name”:””},”id”:”64082a8179b94bfd14a48cea”,”index”:1,”contentType”:”product”,”offers”:[{“offerUrl”:””,”price”:”$16″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”″,”sellerName”:”Amazon”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””},{“offerUrl”:”″,”price”:”$16″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:””,”sellerName”:”Sephora”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””}]}” data-testid=”GallerySlideWrapper” orientation=”landscape”>

    Best Chemical Sunscreen: Innisfree Daily UV Sunscreen SPF 36

    Why It’s Worth It: If you’ve ever been on beauty TikTok, you know that Korean skin-care brands offer the golden standard of the moisturizing sunscreen category, and Innisfree’s Daily UV Sunscreen SPF 36 is a prime example. Infused with cica, green tea, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E to soothe and protect the skin barrier, the formula works for people of all skin types. Did we mention it’s only $16 and a 2023 Allure Best of Beauty Award winner?

    Editor Tip: The lightweight, no-cast formula leaves a slight glow, but don’t worry: The finish isn’t remotely greasy.

    Type: Chemical | Key Ingredients: Green tea, cica, sunflower seed oil

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