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18 Dyson Black Friday Deals 2023 to Amp Up Your Hair-Care Routine

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Sound the alarms — the Dyson Black Friday deals you’ve been waiting for are finally here. If you’re a diehard Dyson fan, you know the brand is very selective about discounts. Spotting a price tag on a Dyson item is like seeing a shooting star (if the shooting star was a blow dryer).

So, what do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Well, the good news is that for Black Friday 2023, through November 27 on, you’ll get $100 off all Airwrap models. The bad news is…wait, there isn’t any.

Dyson is also introducing a four-step quiz to help you identify your hair type and determine which Airwrap tool is your perfect match. Once you get your results, you can customize your device and read up on the scrumptious attachment selection in your suggested bundle. Also, if you buy an Airstrait tool from, you’ll two free gifts with your purchase (yay). Choose between a Dyson-designed storage bag, a Dyson Brush kit, or a Dyson-designed Detangling comb. The same goes for Supersonic purchases.

Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Deal: Dyson Corrale (Refurbished), $400 $180
  2. Best Refurbished Tool: Dyson Airwrap (Refurbished), $500 $350
  3. Best Vacuum Deal: Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum, $520 $280
  4. Best Nordstrom Rack Deal: Dyson Supersonic (Refurbished), $430 $300
  5. Best Amazon Deal: Dyson Airstrait, $499 $400

Long story short, it’s time to take a hammer to your “supersonic savings” piggy bank. And, thanks to the deals, the extra coins can go right back into the fund for next year’s Dyson purchase. The brand’s beloved hot tools are also seeing slashed prices at retailers like Amazon, NordstromSephora, and more.

We kindly invite you to peruse these new and refurbished Dyson Black Friday beauty deals you can score right now. Oh, and we threw in a couple of vacuums for good measure. You know what they say — clean house, clean styling, can’t lose. Do they say that? Do we say that? Either way, please check out this list of 21 Dyson Black Friday deals and thank us later.


Amazon is the ultimate one-stop shop, and it has some delectable Dyson offerings of their own. Applying a coupon, you can save up to $99 on the SupersonicAirstrait, and Airwrap devices. Once you add one of these amazing tools to your cart, browse their other hair-care Black Friday deals to revamp your styling routine.


JSYK, you can find the bulk of the brand’s deals on the Dyson website. From the Airwrap, which you can get brand frickin’ new for $100 off, or refurbished (as in, lightly used devices that Dyson has expertly repaired) for an even steeper discount. It’s the same deal with the refurbished Corrale Hair Straightener, which will save you $220. We urge you to start browsing before these products end up anywhere other than your hands and hair.

Dyson Airwrap (Refurbished)

Dyson Corrale (Refurbished)

The same goes for the V8 Absolute Vacuum. Bear with us. We have this vision of you, rich from all the savings, rocking a perfectly coiffed blowout, vacuuming up about an inch and a half of your furbaby’s shedding from the living room carpet. It’s chic, it’s practical, and it’s affordable. Check out the Outsize Plus and V11 Extra.


What’s a Black Friday sale without Sephora’s participation? The beauty retailer carries new, on-sale Dyson favorites, including the Supersonic and Airwrap, each at $100 off. Sephora also sells a ton of attachments (at full price, but we’ll take it) to help deck out your new tool.


You’re in luck if you’re more of an Ulta Beauty girlie. You can snatch an Airwrap in blue/blush or copper/nickel with $100 knocked off the original price. Of course, Ulta is one of beauty’s best destinations, so grabbing your Dyson at Ulta is a perfect opportunity to check out all of their other Black Friday offerings.


Over to Bloomingdale’s, where you can, once again, save $100 on the Airwrap. The best part? Bloomie’s rewards members get triple the points on their Dyson purchases. How could you possibly go wrong? The retailer also carries Dyson vacuums and air purifiers at a discount, so browse those while making your Black Friday stop.


Lucky for us, Nordstrom wanted to get in on the fun. You can score $100 off Nordstrom’s selection of Dyson Airwraps from through November 27. The retailer offers two gorgeous colorways, Blue Blush and Nickel Copper, so take your pick (or flip a coin). While we stan, of course, we love how easy Nordstrom’s sale makes Black Friday shopping. You’re probably already whipping out your wallet for deals, so why not add an Airwrap with one swift click?

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is offering seriously discounted refurbished devices. These tools are truly as good as new and sell for a fraction of the OG price. Some refurbished picks include a blue and gold version of the Supersonic and the Corrale in Fuschia and grey. The Corrale is one of our favorite flat irons for its two flexible manganese copper alloy plates that gently bend around your hair so the shape is retained rather than smooshed.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (Refurbished)

Dyson Corrale Straightener (Refurbished)


Name a store more iconically “Thanksgiving” than Macy’s. We’ll wait. While you may not have made it to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year, the retailer spreads that festive spirit online via plenty of delicious Black Friday sales. Like their peers, Macy’s offers $100 off Dyson tools, such as the Airwrap, in several colorways. Opt for Prussian blue/copper or blue/blush and enjoy the savings in style.

Other Discounted Dyson Offerings

We vouch for all things Dyson, so don’t limit your Black Friday shopping to the brand’s hair tools. Sure, that’s our favorite part, but you can’t go wrong with anything from the website — especially when it’s on sale. For what it’s worth (a lot), we’re eyeing the Dyson Zone headphones, which are really just another way to pull eyes toward your gorgeous blowout.

Get your discounted picks before all of the goodness is gone. Whether doing some early Xmas shopping or grabbing a styler, strike while the Airwrap is hot.

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