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17 Best Volumizing Hair Products 2024 That’ll Take Your Hair to New Heights

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Editor Tip: Spray starting at the roots, working down to the ends for the best effect.

Key Ingredients: Cotton, orchid oil | Who It’s Good For: People with fine or color-treated hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a volumizing hair product do?

According to Toth, a volumizing hair product lifts roots from the scalp. “Some are simply weightless, some give incredible hold and texture, and some coat and surround each strand of hair,” he remarks.

Raven Hurtado, a Chicago-based hairstylist at Maxine Salon, echoed Toth. He previously told Allure, “It works great for updos, and you could also use it as a dry shampoo.” Hurtado explains, “You can also touch up your second-day blowout without having any residue.”

While healthy hair can benefit from hair volumizing products, they can also be helpful for supporting damaged locks. Cosmetic chemist, Ginger King told Allure, “Heredity, stress, poor nutrition, improper care of hair, and environmental damage (such as sunlight and harsh brushing)” can all be potential causes of thinning hair. If that sounds like you, a hair volumizing product could make a big difference, either as a permanent solution or to tide you over while going on a regrowth journey.

How do I choose a volumizing hair product?

Many products claim to be effective volumizers, but before you hedge your bets on a bottle, it’s important to examine what could be suitable for your hair type and desired style outcome. If you like your hair more touchable and smooth, New York City-based hairstylist Mia Santiago recommends a root spray or mousse before blow-drying. “If you like feeling your hair more textured, an aerosol spray or volume powder is a great choice,” she adds. If you’re getting into the hair volumizing game, you might need to try a few different products before you land your best option.

What should I avoid in a volumizing hair product?

King previously told Allure to be wary of heavy oils and silicones since “not all oils or silicones are created equal.” She mentions that while they can provide benefits like softening and hydrating, coconut and jojoba are weightier than other oils. Silicones also vary in weight and grade, but you don’t need to be a scientist to determine what that means. “If it feels greasy on your fingers, chances are it will weigh down your hair,” King advises.

How we test and review products

We always enlist a range of testers for our makeup vertical, but hair-care products and tools are another story. While there are certain products that can be used across different hair textures, lengths, curl patterns, thicknesses, colors (natural and unnatural), and needs, hair products are often created with specific consumers in mind. Many are created in order to address a concern (dandruff, breakage, brittleness) or to work most effectively for a specific hair type (4C curls, wavy hair, gray hair). You wouldn’t want to pick up a purple shampoo that’s only been reviewed by someone with, say, auburn hair, or a diffuser that’s never been tested by anyone with curls — right?

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