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17 Best Sex Toys for Beginners 2024, According to Experts

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When you first enter the world of sex toys, knowing where to start might feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best sex toys for beginners, from whisper-quiet vibrators to luxe wand vibrators to top-rated dildos, beginner-friendly anal toys, and more. We’ve highlighted the best picks from our favorite sex toy shops at a wide range of prices.

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Best Overall Sex Toy for Beginners: Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Why It’s Worth It: Several of the experts Allure contacted for this story recommended a basic bullet vibrator as an ideal sex toy for beginners. The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator stands out thanks to the simple interface, approachable price point, and tons of glowing reviews. It features just one button and one speed, so beginners won’t encounter a learning curve. The slim profile is ideal for travel and easy to maneuver during partnered sex, though plenty of reviewers also say it’s their go-to masturbation toy. Lastly, at only $20, it’s not a huge investment.

Expert Tip: Add some AAA batteries to your cart, since this bullet vibrator is battery-powered.

Product Specs: Bullet vibrator, compatible with all lubes, waterproof, 1 AAA battery-powered

Best Couples’ Vibrator for Beginners: We-Vibe Moxie+

Why It’s Worth It: Okay, so any vibrator can be a couple’s vibrator. But We-Vibe makes several toys that are especially fun to use with a partner and beginner-friendly, including the Moxie+. It’s a panty vibrator that stays put in your underwear with the help of a magnetic clip and can be controlled via a remote or the We-Vibe app. Pop this in before your next date night and hand the controls over to a partner so they can tease you all night with 10 rumbly vibrations.

Expert Tip: With the We-Vibe app, your partner can control the vibrator from any (internet-connected) place in the world, perfect for long-distance hookups or FaceTime sex.

Product Specs: Wearable clitoral vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best Wand Vibrator for Beginners: LELO Smart Wand 2

Why It’s Worth It: Another LELO best-seller, this multifunctional LELO Smart Wand 2 gets plenty of love from reviewers for its extra-long handle, which makes it both ergonomic and easy to incorporate into partnered sex. Just as notable is this toy’s extra-long battery life of up to four hours per charge. It’s also made with luxe-feeling silicone for a silky feel against your most sensitive spots. As Debra Laino, AASECT-certified sex educator notes, silicone is “easy to clean and comfortable in and on the skin.”

Expert Tip: In addition to using it for pleasure, multiple reviewers also say it makes a genuinely good massager for sore muscles.

Product Specs: Wand vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best Cock Ring for Beginners: CalExotics My Pod Enhancer Ring

CalExotics My Pod Enhancer Ring

Why It’s Worth It: Cock rings come in a wide variety of sizes, so it can be challenging to find the right fit — especially if you’ve never bought one before. If you’ve never used a penis ring before, the TL;DR is that they gently restrict blood from leaving the penis, which can result in longer-lasting, harder erections. One of our favorites is CalExotics’ My Pod Enhancer Ring, a high-tech and stretchy ring that fits snugly around your shaft and treats the wearer (and penetrated partner) to seven tingly vibration settings, making it the perfect addition to various partner play scenarios. Oh, and did we mention that its charging case also acts as a UV sanitizer pod?

Expert Tip: Cock rings aren’t meant to be worn for more than 30 minutes at a time, so take it off between sessions.

Product Specs: Silicone vibrating cock ring, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best Travel-Friendly Sex Toy for Beginners: Magic Wand Micro

Why It’s Worth It: Don’t let its key-size stature fool you, because Magic Wand’s Micro is just as powerful as their original wand vibrator, without the bulkiness or wall plug. This teensy rechargeable vibrator provides external stimulation wherever you need it most with its set of three rumbly vibration speeds and four patterns. Like all Magic Wands, this toy also features the brand’s signature soft silicone head and flexible neck.

Expert Tip: Since this wand is much smaller than other options on the market, it’s perfect for partnered and solo play sessions alike.

Product Specs: Silicone wand vibrator, compatible with water-based lube

Best Pressure-Activated Sex Toy for Beginners: Unbound Squish

Why It’s Worth It: As if self-pleasure isn’t fun enough, the Unbound Squish’s smush-able silicone-based body is guaranteed to heighten your climactic experience even more. You can easily access the external vibe’s four vibration intensities and two patterns, or, for a more personal feel, you can utilize its grip-activated option. The harder you squeeze this toy, the more intense its steady stream of vibrations becomes.

Expert Tip: This toy isn’t just for clitoral stimulation. Feel free to massage all of your erogenous zones with this buzzy pick.

Product Specs: Silicone external vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best Anal Toy for Beginners: Lovehoney Silver Jewelled Aluminum Beginner’s Butt Plug 2.5 Inch

Lovehoney Silver Jewelled Aluminum Beginner’s Butt Plug 2.5 Inch

Why It’s Worth It: If you’re curious about anal play, this toy is an ideal place to start. It’s petite, at just 2.5 inches long, and has a flared base for safety (by the way, that’s a feature that you should look for in any toy you plan to use anally). The aluminum material is also easy to clean. If it’s your first time using an anal toy, go slow and use lots of lube. You can wear this during partnered sex or masturbation for a potentially extra-powerful orgasm. Bonus? It’s eye candy, as far as sex toys go. “Best believe you’re still bejeweled when you walk in the room, you’ll make the whole place shimmer.”

Expert Tip: Gently warm (let it soak in some warm water) or cool the device (pop it into the fridge) before inserting it for a unique sensation.

Product Specs: Aluminum butt plug, compatible with water- and silicone-based lube, waterproof

Best Suction Vibrator for Beginners: Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2

Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2

Why It’s Worth It: Dr. Torrisi recommends the Satisfyer brand “to learn what you like without breaking the bank,” so you’re ready to splurge only when you’re more confident about your preferences. This suction vibrator is ideal if you love the feeling of oral sex. The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 uses pulses of air to tease the clit without overstimulating it, which can happen with more rumbly vibrators. It has 11 different pressure wave settings and a pretty quiet motor — though if you’ve got very thin walls, you might want to turn on music to drown out the sound of your activities.

Expert Tip: Pair it with water-based lube for a feeling that’s really, really close to oral sex (without the risk of a partner’s jaw getting tired).

Product Specs: Clitoral vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best Vibrator for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People: Dame Pom

Why It’s Worth It: We’ve previously highlighted this versatile toy as one of the best for transgender women or gender nonconforming people, thanks to the flexible design that can be used in endless ways. It’s firm but bendable, making it easy to use to stimulate the clit, nipples, penis, perineum, or practically any body part you want. It fits snugly into the palm of your hand and features five intensity levels and five patterns for you to explore.

Expert Tip: The toy features a firmer end that’s designed to provide pinpointed stimulation to the clit or other small areas.

Product Specs: Silicone external vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best External Vibrator for Beginners: Maude Vibe

Why It’s Worth It: While this entire list is comprised of beginner-friendly sex toys, we’d recommend the Maude Vibe if you’re completely and totally new to the world of sex toys. The simple, three-speed design, body-safe silicone, and sleek design result in an approachable first vibrator that can be used for solo pleasure or partnered sex. But what sets it apart is the detailed usage instructions, FAQs, and “how to” videos on the product page that make this toy among the most friendly for first-timers. It also ships with a physical instruction manual that tells you everything you need to know.

Expert Tip: Ostensibly, it’s a clitoral vibe but it can also be used on your or a partner’s nipples, perineum, penis, or anywhere else on the body.

Product Specs: Silicone flutter tip vibrator, compatible with water- and aloe-based lube, splash-resistant

Best Silicone Dildo for Beginners: Firefly 5 Inch Pleasures Firm Silicone Dildo

Firefly 5 Inch Pleasures Firm Silicone Dildo

Why It’s Worth It: If you are interested in penetration, Murray suggests a silicone dildo. The Firefly 5 Inch Pleasures Firm Silicone Dildo is compatible with many harnesses if you’re looking to use it as a strap-on and has a strong suction cup on the base so you can attach it to a shower wall, countertop, or anywhere else. It’s also got some realistic detailing and non-realistic (but very fun!) glow-in-the-dark capabilities. It measures five inches long, which many people find comfortable for vaginal or anal penetration. Essentially, this is everything a starter dildo should be: affordable, fun, and versatile.

Expert tip: If you feel like you’re ready to graduate from a butt plug to something bigger but not too big, try this toy on for size.

Product Specs: Silicone dildo, compatible with water-based lube, dishwasher-safe

Best Rabbit Vibrator for Beginners: PinkCherry Show Me the Bunny Vibe

PinkCherry Show Me the Bunny Vibe

Why It’s Worth It: If you’ve never used a rabbit vibrator, it works by stimulating your internal and external sensitive spots simultaneously. The main shaft wiggles against your G-spot and the soft “ears” on the outside vibrate against your clit. This Show Me the Bunny Vibe is one of the best sex toys at PinkCherry (one of our favorite affordable sex toy retailers), you can control each component separately using the two buttons, which makes it easy to find the pattern that feels best for you. It’s also USB-rechargeable and waterproof. Much like Charlotte on a famed SATC episode, you might find yourself needing an intervention from your friends to tear yourself away from this toy.

Expert tip: You can use a water-based lubricant on either shaft for a smoother ride.

Product Specs: Rabbit vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best TikTok-Famous Vibrator for Beginners: Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Why It’s Worth It: If you’ve been on social media at all in the last year, chances are high that you’ve come across some iteration of this internet-famous vibrator. The rose-inspired toy is a clit-sucking vibrator that has 10 different settings that range from gentle flutters to intense, toe-curling pulses. It’s also completely waterproof if you want to use it in the bath or shower (though, with any waterproof toy, we wouldn’t overdo the water exposure for the sake of longevity), and it has an easy two-button interface. And when you’re done, it looks really cute on your nightstand. Style and function come together (pun intended) in this vibrator.

Expert Tip: A dab of water-based lube can heighten the experience by creating more of a seal around your or your partner’s clit.

Product Specs: Clitoral vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best Travel Vibrator for Beginners: Screaming O My Secret Vibrating Lipstick

Screaming O My Secret Vibrating Lipstick

Why It’s Worth It: If you want to take a vibrator on vacation or just across town to your hookup’s house, you probably want something portable and discreet. This vibrator checks both boxes. It won’t look out of place in your makeup bag and features three vibration speeds, all controlled by a single button at the bottom. The best part is the soft angled tip that’s designed for pinpointed clit stimulation. You just might end up spending your whole vacation in the hotel room.

Expert Tip: Worried about this buzzing in your suitcase while you’re going through TSA? Just take the batteries out and pack them separately in your bag.

Product Specs: Bullet vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, splash-resistant

Best Clitoral Vibrator for Beginners: LELO Sona 2 Cruise

Why It’s Worth It: LELO is the sex toy industry’s answer to the “quiet luxury” trend. These toys, which take years to design and fine-tune, simply feel elegant — and the Sona 2 Cruise is certainly no exception. Many people with clits require clit stimulation to reach orgasm (surprise!) so this vibrator uses sonic pulses around the clit to bring you to leg-shaking orgasms. It has 12 different settings, so you can start slow with gentle ones and work your way up once you’ve gotten used to the unique sensation.

Expert Tip: This toy has a unique feature that causes the vibrations to get more intense as you press it harder against your body, ideally when you’re nearing orgasm. Have fun!

Product Specs: Clitoral vibrator, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best Vibrating Anal Toy for Beginners: Lovehoney Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug

Lovehoney Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug

Why It’s Worth It: If you’ve already experimented with non-vibrating butt plugs and are ready for something new, consider this cheekily-named (and affordable) Lovehoney toy. It’s still on the smaller side at a beginner-friendly 3.5 inches and comes with a bullet vibrator that nestles into the toy for extra stimulation. You’ll get to enjoy three speeds and seven patterns of vibration, plus some extra perineum stimulation, thanks to the T-bar design. It’s battery-powered so remember to add some AAAs to your cart.

Expert Tip: The bullet vibrator is removable if you want to use it on the clit, nipples, or anywhere else while wearing the butt plug.

Product Specs: Silicone butt plugr, compatible with water-based lube, waterproof

Best Stainless Steel Dildo: Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Why It’s Worth It: This dildo looks like a work of art, but that’s just the beginning. The bulbous ends can be used to stimulate your G-spot, prostate, or any other internal erogenous zones. The balls at the end of the toy are weighted to provide extra pressure, and reviewers confirm it is sensational. The curved shaft also makes it easy to maneuver in a variety of ways. Lastly, the stainless steel material can be gently warmed or cooled (run it under warm water or put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes) for different sensations.

Expert Tip: This is compatible with any type of lubricant, including silicone-based ones.

Product Specs: Steel dildo, compatible with water- and silicone-based lube, waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in my first sex toy?

“I always recommend keeping it simple and easy to use when you are just starting out with sex toys,” shares Lyndsey Murray, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist at Relationship Matters Therapy and host of the Sex Positivity: Unfiltered podcast. There’s no “wrong” approach to sex toys, but you might want to pass on toys that seem too big, intimidating, or high-tech.

You should also consider what sensations you enjoy during sex or masturbation. “Your pleasure is your guide,” notes Jenn Kennedy, PhD, a board-certified sex therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist in Santa Barbara, California. (She is also the founder of Riviera Therapy and The Pleasure Project.) “If you like clitoral stimulation, an external, handheld vibrator is a good direction,” she suggests. “If you enjoy penetration, an internal toy might delight.” Some people also enjoy toys that stimulate the anus or perineum (that’s the area between a person’s anus and their vagina or penis)

What types of sex toys are best for beginners?


This category includes a wide range of toys, but the idea is that they stimulate internal or external erogenous zones (or both!) by vibrating. Some vibrators, like bullet vibrators or suction vibrators, are designed to be used on the clitoris, nipples, perineum, or other external body parts. Others, like G-spot vibrators or anal vibrators, are meant to go inside your body and vibrate against your internal hotspots.

Anal Toys

These can be vibrating or non-vibrating toys that stimulate the nerve endings inside your anus. If you’re new to anal play, start with a smaller toy and use plenty of lube to avoid discomfort. “I love Uberlube, Good Clean Love, and Slippery Stuff,” shares Rosara Torrisi, PhD, a licensed clinical social worker and AASECT-certified sex therapist at the Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy in Syosset, New York.


Dildos are frequently phallic-shaped toys made of silicone, glass, or metal. They’re usually used for vaginal or anal penetration and some of them can be worn with a harness if you want to use it as a strap-on. Some dildos have detailing to make them look more like penises, while others don’t. These tend to be non-vibrating toys, though vibrating dildos are definitely a thing.

Cock Rings

These toys typically go around the base of the penis (and sometimes they also have a loop to go around the testicles). They gently restrict blood from leaving the penis, which can lead to longer, harder erections and more intense orgasms. Some cock rings also have a built-in vibrator to provide more stimulation against a partner’s body during sex.

Whether you use these sex toys for masturbation or partnered sex, the important thing is that you feel good and safe. “So much about women’s pleasure has to do with the context of what’s going on,” says Dr. Torrisi. “It’s important for women to feel safe with their partners and to reliably predict that a sexual encounter will be fun and pleasurable.”

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